Traveling With Toddlers: 5 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack

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When you hit the road or fly the friendly skies with toddlers in tow, you’re opening yourself up to
all kinds of headaches. And yet, parents pack up their kids and head off to parts unknown all the time,
regardless of the trials of traveling with children that have only recently learned to walk (and escape the
second you turn around). So while you’ll certainly want to equip them with some kind of identification
that includes a place to reach you, just in case they slip away during the security screening at the airport
(hey, it probably happens all the time), there are a few other things you’ll want to make sure to pack
when you bring your toddlers along for the trip. Here are some items that you can’t afford to forget at

travel with toddlers

  1. Entertainment options. Providing each toddler with a small backpack with books and toys is not
    only a great way to keep them occupied during travel, but it can also give them a goal to focus on as
    you make your way through an airport or pack up the car. However, it can be difficult to keep track of
    myriad items for each kid. So when it comes to entertainment you really can’t beat the comprehensive
    and all-inclusive option offered by a tablet. All you have to do is preload it with child-appropriate
    movies, music, games, and books and it will save you the trouble of having to chase toys down the aisle

  2. Snacks. Tiny tots are known to get hungry on a schedule, so having healthy snacks on hand can
    help to alleviate some fussiness. A good bet is to go with snack packs. You can give each child individual
    servings of crackers and cheese or fruit slices (for example) that will help them stay full for a while and
    likely occupy their hands and minds as they tear into packets and put the pieces together. You should
    also consider bringing bottles along, even if your kids have moved up to sippy cups. You can fill them
    with water or milk for toddlers to suck on during takeoff and landing (to help pop their ears) and they
    won’t spill on the plane or car when dropped. You’ll just want to avoid soda and juice since the sugar
    will only hype them up (not a good state when they’re strapped into a chair).
  3. Diapers. Although your toddlers may be finished with potty training, having some Pull-Ups on
    hand could prove useful. Even potty-trained tots have accidents, especially when they are forced to
    hold it. And when you’re trying to board a plane or the next gas station is several miles away, they may
    have no other choice.
  4. First-aid kit. Toddlers are an accident-prone group, considering wobbly legs and limited
    coordination, so it’s definitely a good idea to bring along a basic first-aid kit to patch up bumps, bruises,
    and scrapes along the way.
  5. Pacifiers. Travel is a nerve-wracking activity for parents, so you can imagine how stressful it is
    for toddlers who like their routine. Whether you’re hopping in the car to head to Grandma’s house or
    you’ve set up a several-day stay at some popular Iceland hotels, you’ll want to make sure to bring plenty of pacifiers, and not just the ones your toddlers put in their mouths. A favorite blanket or teddy bear could also help to keep your tots cool as a cucumber during travel.


  1. great list! I made the terrible mistake of forgetting snacks one of the times we had to travel to my doctor appointment. Thank goodness my mom was meeting us there and brought some with her. It seems like now that we don’t have that huge diaper bag, I tend to always forget something (or forget the entire toddler bag all together)

  2. The idea of losing my kid at an airport makes me go out of my mind! Note to self… Tattoo children with a number to reach me while in large airports!

  3. The best tip is snacks! Lots of snacks!

  4. And their lovies, if they have one, a stuffed animal or blankie or whatever!

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