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I love the dresses on the IGIGI website, they are cut to fit women with a chest. As many of you know, I often have a hard time fitting into clothes since my chest is…well, it’s larger then normal.  However, the dresses not only come in plus size- but they are actually cut with room for your chest, no matter what size that may be.

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IGIGI carries dresses in sizes 12 through 32 and specializes in interesting colors, flattering prints and great plus size silhouettes. They carry separates,  tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, and coats as well to help round out your wardrobe.

Having a few fancy events to go to, I wanted something that would work with all of them.  I loved the style of the Leigh Plus Size Lace Dress in Gold, which felt classic and modern at the same time.  I love the lady-like look of the lace, as well.

IGIGI dress

“We brought the best of the old and the new together in this lace dress. By balancing enticing fabric with modest proportions, the final result speaks to the modern woman who’s in love with all things lady chic. We adore this dress with delicate peep-toe pumps and matching clutch for evening.”

I love that they mailed this dress in a hanger and in a proper garment bag as well- not just jammed into a box and shoved in my mailbox.  This dress didn’t need to be steamed or ironed, and was easy to put on and wear.  In fact, I easily could have work it right out of the packaging with no fuss at all.


This dress was beautiful, fit wonderfully, and covered my chest.  I do wear a little tank underneath for extra coverage, but that’s nothing and it doesn’t detract from the dress.  The waistband is lovely and separates my top from bottom, so I don’t look like a blob (which any top-heavy person knows often happens).  It also helps to camouflage my stomach excess weight, so that’s a huge bonus for me (and I assume most women).

The dress not only looks beautiful, but is soft and comfortable to wear.  It falls gently around my waist and knees, giving it nice movement and not making my own awkward in any way.  I feel like a million dollars when I wear it- and that’s sort of the whole point, isn’t it?  When you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you look even better.

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