Early Lingo-A great way to help teach your child a foreign language.

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Early Lingo


Learning a foreign language in the world we currently live in is extremely important. I was impressed with the Early Lingo program.

About Early Lingo:

Early Lingo was created by Caryn Antonini, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics. As a new mother, Caryn wanted to give her child the advantages of learning a foreign language as an infant and all the subsequent benefits it would bring to her child later in life, but she was unable to find anything on the mark that would meet her goals.

  • A Playful approach to learning
  • The children become familiar with the language through immersive and repetitive learning techniques.
  • Uses the Total Immersion Method
  • Children can easily learn a foreign language in their own home at any ime.

My Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to be able to try out one of the Spanish DVDs. The one I received was ‘At The Market’. My daughters have watched it a few times and I think that it is so cute to hear them repeating what they learned on the dvd. I think that it is good for your child to learn more than one language, and I think that Spanish is another common language in the area we live.

I would love to try out the whole series and really see how quickly my children would learn each of the dvds.

I have looked into other programs before, but have not been impressed with them like I am with this one.


If you would like to purchase the Spanish DVDs or even see some preview videos, please go to this website.


  1. This sounds like such a fun and educational product. I’ve read that the earlier you start the easier it is to pick up a second language, so I think this would be so beneficial.

  2. I have always wanted my children to learn a second language. I would love for them to learn Spanish or Chinese.

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