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I received the Little Pnuts Toddler Special Delivery package, in order to facilitate her review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.


With a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I find myself always trying to find the perfect items for them to play with, and most importantly not bring more “junk” into my house. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just send you the perfect items right to your house? Well guess what? I have found that perfect company. Little Pnuts is just that.

About Little Pnuts:

Melissa realized that there was a real need for high quality, all natural, non-battery operated toys. When her children were young she started researching and trying to find toys that would work and be great for her kids. She realized that the American toy market could not provide her with what she was looking for, attractive toys that would enhance every sensorial perspective toys that would provide challenges, toys that would engage while providing a sense of accomplishment. These toys needed to enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop the focus and concentration.

Melissa then decided to turn to the European market and after a great deal of research, found exactly what she was looking for. Unfortunately, at the time, these toys were not easily accessible in the US, but she had family there that was more than happy to send them to her.

Beginning in 2012, Melissa decided it was time to combine her former skills and her newfound admiration for high quality educational toys to develop a company that would bring these toys to families in the US.

**You can choose one of 3 unique special delivery programs.

  • Infant Special Delivery
  • Toddler Special Delivery
  • Preschool Special Delivery

About my Toddler Special Delivery Goodies:

The items in my special delivery package focused on these skills:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Cognitive
  • Language & Social Skills

Play Idea of my package:

Enjoy the beautiful weather of Spring with your Little Pnuts by getting outside to play. Your Little-Pnuts love to role play, how about a picnic outdoors with play food from their own little kitchen? Have your Little Pnut design the menu, pack up their basket and set up the scene outside. Bring bubbles to blow in the breeze and balls to run &catch. Have fun while enjoying the sunny days ahead with your special Little Pnut.


Beleduc Colorful Caterpillars: ($24.99)

This is a fun shape sorting and matching game your little Pnuts will love. It is great to help your child with telling the difference in shapes & colors, at the same time as learning ways to play cooperatively. It’s also a great way to teach your child about butterflies.


Potting Shed Creations, LTD: Butterfly Habitat ($13.00)

How fun would it be for you to have a yard with beautiful butterflies fluttering around. The Scatter Garden offers a collection of the most alluring flowers for attracting butterflies and providing the perfect butterfly habitat.

PnutsMoulin Roty: Flower Press: ($21.99)

The flower press is a great way to inspire the love for and appreciation of nature! This wooden flower press from France is the perfect tool to help teach your child about all the flowers they grow in the garden as well as the leaves they find on the ground.

My Thoughts:

I was completely impressed with the package of goodies that I found. It was a whole different set of toys than what my children are used to. It was nice to be able to completely interact with them with each toy, and not just have something lighting up or making noise.

As you can see, my daughter was very excited about the different parts of the package. The game was a lot of fun to play, and I was very impressed to see how well she was at following the directions, as well as “helping me out” :).

We had lots of fun finding flowers and leaves to put in our flower press. Now anytime we are out she always wants to look around and see what she can bring home to put into the press.

We are still waiting on our beautiful garden to grow, but she enjoys watering and waiting each day for it.


If you are interested in purchasing one of the 3 different packages that are available, please go to their website to find more information.

The Limited Edition June Box is about to be shipped June 10th. If you are interested, this would be a great time for you to sign up!

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