Stroller Walks Can Be A Beneficial Way For Mom To Focus On Her Health

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Wanting to be the perfect mom and not wanting to interrupt baby’s napping routine is a reason moms often give for not getting out. However, it’s really important for new moms to get moving. Stroller walks can be a routine moms can employ to regain their health and pre-baby weight.

Stroller walking is a wonderful way for mom to begin focusing on her health once the new baby arrives. Here are the great reasons for mom to start a stroller walking routine:
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  • Helps new moms’ mental and physical well-being
  • Combats post baby blues
  • Gets mom out of the house so she won’t feel so isolated with their baby
  • Encourages her to meet other new moms and form playgroups
  • Helps mom to implement an easy exercise routine
  • Helps baby get plenty of fresh air in a protected environment

A primary concern for new moms is keeping their newborn protected while walking from weather elements including the sun and making sure baby sticks to its nap routine. SnoozeShade offers the ideal, effective shade system for the stroller to protect baby from harmful UV rays and creates a dark,cozy environment so baby can nap on-the-go.

pic 3The just launched Snoozeshade Deluxe collection offers an upscale sun and sleep solution for strollers and car seats that’s designed with a smooth, silver exterior fabric and new safety-certified snaps. Snoozeshade Deluxe protects up to 97.5% of UV rays (with UPF 40+) when in snooze mode, while projecting a sleek look so you and your baby can stroll in comfort AND style.

The SnoozeShade Deluxe collection offers three styles that are easy to attach and remove and are made from 100% breathable, soft and stretchable fabric. Parents will also love that the shades are not treated with any chemicals to reflect light or repel rain and designed to allow air to circulate. SnoozeShades are made of two-ply mesh polyester fabric which does not change composition when wet or dry, hot or cold. Because the fabric does not change composition, the holes in the fabric do not change and air is able to circulate. In addition, the air temperature inside the shade consistently matches the outdoor temperature even in extreme heat. They fold neatly into complimentary storage bags that easily fit into purses or diaper bags.

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe removes visual distractions that can keep baby awake and can be used in four ways to help baby sleep or create shade. The sneak-a-peek zip lets parents check on sleeping baby. It universally fits all strollers and joggers. $39.99


  1. Janet W. says:

    I’d love that shade to protect my grandson’s legs when I take him on walks!

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