Top 5 Vacation Ideas for Outdoorsy Families

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Outdoorsy families usually have it pretty good when it comes to vacation options. However, because there are so many options it can be hard to choose just one. In addition, some families might have younger children, which makes it a challenge to come up with a vacation destination where the littlest ones won’t be absolutely miserable. On top of all that, it is important to choose an outdoors destination that will also be fun for the parents too – so it is crucial that you make your vacation both parent and children friendly, or else it might be a bust. Here are the top 5 vacation ideas for outdoorsy families.

Camping at Yogi Bear Park

Camping at Yogi Bear Park

      Camping is a great option for the whole family, because it is extremely cost effective. Taking your children overseas or even a few states over can be incredibly expensive. With plane tickets and hotel accommodations you are looking
    at thousands upon thousands of dollars. However with camping, all you need is a few backpacks and some tents and you pretty much have everything you need. Because you have kids you probably don’t want to go too far, so sticking around basecamp might be your best option.
      If you are looking for something a little more extreme why not head to Africa for

    a once in a lifetime safari excursion. If your family is looking for a faraway destination with some serious adventure, nothing beats a safari in Africa. You will get to see wildlife that you wouldn’t get to see anywhere else on earth and you get to have plenty of quality family bonding time.
At Hull-O Farms in the Catskills

At Hull-O Farms in the Catskills

If your family wants to stick to something a little closer to the homestead, you could spend your vacation at a farm. Many farms offer bed and breakfast like accommodations for travelers who enjoy being outdoors and a living a rustic lifestyle. Your kids will love it because they will get to play with the animals and it will be fun for the parents too with all the walks around the beautiful grounds and surrounding farmland.

Inn at Cedar Falls in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

Inn at Cedar Falls in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

    There is also the option of visiting a beautiful, bucolic cabin resort. This is a great way to enjoythe great outdoors, but still be able to enjoy many of the great modern amenities. These offer an amazing opportunity for families to go hiking, camping and even fishing. There is nothing like being able to enjoy the great outdoors as a family, but then come back to a nice cozy cabin later on.
Island Boar Tours in FL

Island Boar Tours in FL

    Lastly, a boat trip could be a wonderful vacation for the whole family, especially if you are a family that goes outdoors all the time. If your family doesn’t own a boat you can always head to your local dock and ask if they have boat rentals or if they have a captain you can hire to take you around for the day or the week. With a sleeper cabin below the deck, you could safely spend about a week with your children exploring the open seas and perhaps a remote island or two.


  1. Stacy Alfano says:

    A farm with a bed and breakfast? I’m so there!!

  2. A farm bed and breakfast sounds like such a relaxing and family friendly vacation! Definitely keeping it in mind for the future.

  3. Janet W. says:

    I had no idea that some farms had a bed and breakfast! That sounds fun and would be an educational experience for the kids!

  4. Yolanda says:

    Island Boar Tours in FL. sounds amazing. My kids would enjoy it

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