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One of my favorite brands for educational, yet still truly fun toys is Educational Insights. I love how creative and interesting their toys are, and how engaged they keep the kids. As a teacher and mother, those “ah-ha!” moments are wonderful, but just as important are the moments that they are actively enjoying their learning experience- while playing. (Hopefully at least some of the time, with me!)

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Nancy B’s Science Club toys debuted this year at Toy Fair 2013, and they were some of my favorite items of the show. Designed to inspire girls to become interested in and learn more about science, these were developed by former science teacher Nancy Balter. The colors are appealing to girls, but also young children in general. Each product in the Nancy B category comes with a science journal to keep track of your notes and progress, as well as access to an online science club. This club has partnered with female scientists from around the world who provide content to the site and contribute their knowledge. Just a side note- none of these products will break the bank, especially when compared to other similar items, and they are good quality.

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The Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars and Wildlife Activity Journal encourage outside play and exploration. The accompanying journal also includes a bird watching “find it” activity, and ecosystem challenges so that your child is not only active, but learning. This is a great first step into science, because all kids would love to see the world through binoculars. A little time searching the woods with mom and dad and some encouragement, and who knows what they will learn? The Wildlife Activity Journal lets them look back on all they have seen and accomplished.

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Nancy B’s Science Club AquaScope and Underwater Wonders lets children see a world that is a little tougher to have access to- underwater life. Weather you and your child visit the beach, lake, river, or puddles after a rainy weekend, the Nancy B AquaScope lets your kids stay dry (if you can manage to keep your kids out of the water) while they explore underwater life. The AquaScope magnifies up to 5x larger, and there is an option to light up your subjects as well with the built-in LED lights. The attached thermometer strip will gauge the water temperature for your budding scientist. If it fills up with water because your young Marie Curie was a little enthusiastic with the depth of water, that’s OK. It easily drains and also comes apart so it dries more completely.

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You have given your child wings, taken them beneath the waves- why not give her the stars? Nancy B’s Science Club MoonScope and Star Gazer is the perfect way to round out their new collection of science learning toys. Stargazing is a time honored, nostalgic pastime, and involves even more then just science. The history and literature that lies behind the stars she will discover can add a whole new layer of learning, excitement, and curiosity. Your child can learn about lunar phases, meteors, seasonal star patterns, the planets, and more. A fun night time activity that doesn’t involve the TV, she will soon be engaged in a whole new world.

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  1. My grand children would love these too!

  2. Mama to 5 Blessings says

    that is super cool, I need to look into this for our homeschooling!

  3. Amber Edwards says

    I have two science freaks in my house. I Need these! lol. They seriously are so cool that they allow imagination, creativity, and learning! Love it!!

  4. My son is in preschool and he would love trying these things. We are trying to make sure that he has a strong exposure to science since it is so important to cultivate curiosity in how things around us work. We’ll have to check these products out.

  5. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says

    The Aquascope is too cool! I love science-themed toys for my kids, and they go crazy over things like this. I love when they explore and LEARN while having fun.

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