Southern Living Complete Quick and Easy Cookbook

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Cooking for a family can be one of the most rewarding daily experiences- Or it can be one of the most dreaded. This vast difference in opinion mostly stems from one thought process, “What am I going to make?” and “What do we have?”


The best way to turn the dread into a positive experience is with practice, preparations, and a good cookbook. One such cookbook is the new Southern Living complete quick & easy cookbook. This cookbook specialized in easy, fast recipes that take 30 minutes or less. That is about as long as it takes for pizza be delivered.

southern living

The recipes in the book vary in taste from Shrimp Oriental to Country Steak with gravy. Varying your options for dinner. With a varied diet everyone will be happy, and your kids/significant other might actually eat all their veggies, too.

Each recipe has the amount of prep time and cook time right before the ingredients so a home made delicious meal can be 20 minutes away. Another great characteristic of this cookbook is the recipes use as little pans/pots/dishes as possible. This makes clean up fast and easy as well. Please be aware there are recipes which take longer, don’t expect anything in the slow cooker to cook quickly. 🙂

In our house there is always room for dessert and this book has some great ones like: Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies and Speedy Blackberry Cobbler. The Cobbler takes less then 40 minutes to prepare and cook. When cooking it fills the house with the most wonderful scent, everyone will want to dig right in.

The Southern Living complete quick & easy cookbook is available now retails for $24.95 and has 416 pages.


  1. I’ve given most of my cookbooks to my oldest daughter. I’m just not into cooking as much or following recipes, but every once in awhile I get a energy boost for cooking. I like cookbooks that have “normal” ingredients – things I most likely have in my kitchen and pantry already. Sounds like this is a good one with a lot of variety.

  2. Tara Todd says

    I loooovve cookbooks and Southern Living!! I bet this one is great! Your picture looks so yummmy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this cookbook! I’m working on trying new recipes each week so this is super helpful!

  4. We are always looking for new recipes!

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