Super Soaker Arctic Shock – Great Summer Play

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Summer is here and its time to play outside. But with Summer comes heat and the hottest place of all, outside.

super soaker

One way to overcome the heat is with water guns and Nerf are at it again with the new Super Soaker Arctic Shock. This water gun is like no other in that it specializes in a big tank and opening to facilitate the use of ice cubes for a truly drenching heat destroying water gun. The reservoir can hold 25 oz of water and it can fire upon a target up to 30 ft away. Making it very easy to drench someone from across the yard. Or a window, from a foot away. Yep.


The pump action is easy enough for Little Man to do and fun enough for a child of any age to play with. The Shock supports the new water clip reservoir system, so you can purchase multiple refills and easily swap between them in a heated battle. Another highlight of the Water clip system is its lack of spilling. When changing out clips it is very easy to not spill a drop.

This water gun is quite fun to play with and makes for an exciting and eye opening refreshing blast of cold water. My suggestion is to save this one for those very hot days where you can see the heat radiating off the black top.

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