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In a  recent article on ,Kevin Feige – the man behind just about every Marvel movie of recent was quoted as saying that Marvel has movies planned out until 2021.  So like it or not, super hero movies are here to stay.

iron man toys

With each movie there is of course a toy and with super heroes this seems to compound the amount of toys released.  Lets take a look at a few of them.  First, a few new Iron Man toys (and then a throw back to the heroes in a half shell- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Iron Man is a classic character with charm and kid cool-ness.  He looks like a shiny robot and shoots lasers and flies, sounds like fun to me and I am supposedly an adult.

iron man toys

First up is the Avengers Assemble Iron Man Action Cycle.  This toy is air powered and uses no batteries, big plus for the green parents among us.  The premise of this toy is there is an air bladder which when stomped on or punched pushed Iron Man on a motor cycle across the room.  This toy works best on a hard flat surface, carpet will slow it down.  Since this toy is a ‘smash’ toy kids should be careful not to stomp someone’s fingers or toes while playing.  This toy is available for $19.99 and is available now.

iron man toys

From Hasbro comes the Iron Man Assemblers Interchangeable Battle Vehicle.  This toy includes Iron Man, a race car which Iron Man fits inside.  The interesting bit about this toy is the car can be used as an added armor to Iron Man, making him even further invincible!  Each weapon is attached by removing an arm and attaching one which is holding a weapon.  The vehicle also has the ability to launch Iron Man with a  spring loading mechanism which is triggered with a push of the spoiler on the car.

Iron Man strikes again with the Arc Strike Iron Man from Iron Man 3.  This is a big toy which has lots of interactive features.  He lights up and with the push of a button in both hands, his chest and his eyes with a blue electronic glow.  The lights are neat effect and complement the sounds which are made as well.  When ‘powering up’  the lights blow brighter and when ‘firing’ the light pulse.  The sounds are clear and the lights are bright as well.  Although this toy doesn’t have the ability to move as much as you may like, you can still move his arms and wrists as well as rock his head back for flight mode.

iron man toy

And now onto some Turtle Power!  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back and with them is a new line of toys called Flingers.  Each Flinger has a built in throwing mechanism which when rolled sideways the turtle is able to fling objects at the Foot Clan.  Each turtle includes at least 3 items to fling.  Leonardo has 10 sewer covers, Raphael 4 sais, Donatello 3 bo’s, and Michelangelo has 10 pizzas.  The figures themselves are equipped in street/swear armor which is neat.  The flinging mechanism works well, but must be done on a hard surface and in a certain order, especially Raphael.  But when done correctly it is really cool to see him grab his weapon and throw it.

ninja turtles toys


  1. Ronni Keller says:

    Really??? Until 2021?? Holy superhero Batman 🙂 Wait.. wrong hero… 🙂

  2. My son loves the ninja turtles so any toy of theirs is a must have for his Christmas list.

  3. Those look like fun. My son would love them!

  4. Someone is really enjoying his new toys! I’m glad to see the turtles are still going strong. My son is older now, but he loved TMNT!

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