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This past week, I had the opportunity to check out three different books to help spark creativity.


The first book I received was called Animals Everywhere : a Pop-Up Adventure which was written by Yvonne Deutch and Jonathan Woodward made the beautiful pop up pictures.

pop up book

This book is so much fun to read and the pop-up images are just incredible. Really, with every page I was in awe. Plus, it’s packed with fun facts and definitely kept the kids I read it to thoroughly engaged.  This book would make an excellent gift for any child who loves animals (and knows how to be careful with their books).

The second book I reviewed was called Flip Dolls and Other Toys by Laura Wilson. At first, I was a little bit intimidated by this book because I’m not that great at sewing. But, as I flipped through each page, I realized that even beginners (me!) could make most of the items this book included.

sewing book
I especially loved the fact that there were patterns to copy and print our in the back.
I really had no idea what so many great dolls and toys could be made with just a few materials.

The last book that I was able to review was called Craft-a-Doodle by Jenny Doh. This one was probably my favorite. Every page had a fun idea for a doodle, and forced me to think outside of my usual doodling box. It allowed me to be creative, while still giving me direction. I absolutely loved this book!

doodle book inside

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