Karina Dresses Make You Look Good

Disclosure: I was sent the below product free of charge in order to review it. No other compensation was received. The opinions above are 100% mine.

Being top heavy, dresses are sometimes hard for me to find and fit into.  My chest is always my first consideration, and if there is a zipper or buttons involved, that complicated matters quite a bit.  Not that I am currently a slender woman, but whether at my slimmest or largest, when you have a chest as large as mine, no one makes clothes to fit the top, middle, and bottom all at the same size and you end up in a bag or at the tailor.

Karina Dresses are made in Brooklyn with microfiber blend fabric which is imported. Each Dress has four way stretch, is machine washable and come in limited edition solids and prints. The selection of dresses in constantly changing because the dresses are produced in small batches right in their Brooklyn facility, which means you will never (likely) run into someone in the same dress, and you get a dress made in the USA.

The best part?  They are made for every body- to make you love the body that you have.  They hug your curves, create ones you might not have, and hide ones you might want to smooth out.

lancaster-NYC 483

I prefer dresses and find them easier to wear then trying to put an outfit together- no mistakes to be made.   And Karina dresses are made with a woman’s body in mind, to flatter all figures and all sizes. As I put on my Karina Dress, I was happy with the feel and texture of it, and it was very soft.   This dress is stylish, was comfortable and breathable, and is easy to take care of, as well as being classy and timeless.  It also travels well, is easy to toss into a suitcase and shake out with no wrinkles at all.  It can also be washed in the sink and hung to dry with no problems- easy wash and wear for travelers.  These photos were taken on a trip to Lancaster with my son and husband, and I have to say this was an easy, comfortable dress all day long.

lancaster-NYC 410

Regardless of your shape or size, Karina Dresses will make you feel pretty. I can throw it in the washing machine in cool water and hang it up to dry. It never needs ironing, so it is perfect for travel.

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  1. love that dress

  2. Awww, I totally love your dress 🙂 I am a little top heavy too. It is so hard finding tops, it also doesn’t help that I am middle heavy too, LOL!

  3. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says:

    You sold me when you mentioned that it doesn’t need ironing! SO pretty!

  4. I love my Karina Dresses and you look wonderful in it. I love that pattern!

  5. How pretty!

  6. Love your dress! I’ll have to check them out!

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