Febreeze Holiday Scents

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Our senses are one of the most base ways we interact with out environment.  And as such, our senses are often bring up happy memories.  Baking pie brings up memories of a Great-Grandparents from years long past or fresh cut pine reminds us of Christmas.


Febreeze is here with their holiday scents to help bring about those joyful holiday memories and create new ones for your little ones.  Some of their seasonal scents are Cranberry Spice and Winter Frost.  Both of these are available in alternating scent dual NOTICEables which can last up more then 30 days.  These dual packs work on the simple idea that a person can get used to one smell relatively easily, but when a smell changes to another it takes longer, so a nice smell alternating with another makes for a longer lasting nice scent to the air.  During the holiday season it is all about giving the senses some extra cheer.  Be it colorful lights, the familiar sounds of relatives cooking in the kitchen (and fighting in the living room), or the smell of spiced cranberries, the senses are brought to life during the holiday season and Febreeze NOITCEables is here to help.

What I like about Febreeze products are they are not simply air fresheners, but also air cleaners- after using them the air smells noticeably cleaner which is a stark contrast to other air fresheners that make the air heavy with an over powering smell.

FabreezeThis may seem like a silly photo- but I was cooking lobsters.  And that tiny Fabreeze? Really, really helped keep the smell in check, and after dinner the smell cleared out very quickly .

lobsterLobster, shrimp, scallops, and steak (it was a birthday dinner) don’t exactly leave the house smelling great- I was happy to have Fabreeze to help alliviate the scents, and leave some fresh, holiday ones instead.


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