Travel In Style- Pack Light With Kohl’s

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As most of you know, I travel often.  As airlines have gotten stingier and more impossible with baggage (they are now even making it next to impossible to take both “allowable” pieces with you as carry on), you want to make what you take with you count.  That’s why I love garments that transition easily, wash well, and don’t wrinkle.  Yes, that’s a lot to ask of an article of clothing, but not really.  I expect the same from my 6 year old  🙂

pic7You don’t need to shop at a fancy store or buy expensive travel gear to get clothes that wear well when you travel (or when you are home, for that matter).  Just head to your local Kohl’s.

You can find great deals for the whole family in one place, not to mention you can coordinate a whole outfit that travels well for less then the cost of one dress from other retailers.  For example, this entire outfit, shoes, bracelet, and dress, cost less then $100.  Yes, totally read that right.  By the way- please forgive the photos- they were taken by my 6 year old, who did his very best.  We were traveling alone, so there was no one else to take them, LOL.  I also included some photos of the items that the store provided, so you can see them in another light as well  🙂


As you can see in the below photos, they also travel very well.  The dress packs easily, does not wrinkle at all, and shakes out.  It doesn’t matter if it gets crushed in the suitcase, it came out just fine.  The shoes didn’t scuff (and didn’t rock- I hate shoes that “rock” when you walk) so were great for all surfaces.  You won’t need a second pair, they can be the only sandals you pack for your trip.  I pack jewelery in a box, bag, or makeup case so it does not get shaken around or broken, also so it does not snag on clothes or bathing suits.

easy packing

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  1. MJ @The Flying Couponer says

    You look totally fabulous in this Kohl’s outfit! Love Kohl’s too!

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