London with Kids on a Rainy Day: What to Do

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You are in London with your kids, planning to visit the city in a balmy sunshine and then starts the outpour. What a huge turn-off it can be. You had planned to stroll down the famous parks of the city, taking lunch in some of the most famous restaurants of the city and hunted down London Zoo to delight the kids. However, now here you are sitting in your hotel room with your kids constantly nagging you and you waiting for the rain gods to shower some mercy. Sounds gloomy, doesn’t it?

Therefore, it is recommended you make a plan B to counter such unfriendly conditions. Here is the list of things which you can do with kids on a rainy day in London.

A Visit to London Museum

London is saturated with plenty of museums with most of them providing free access to visitors. As you have kids with you, the best museum to venture into would be The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum.

The Natural History Museum is one of the biggest museums in the city. Your kids will have the opportunity of meeting life-sized whales and a giant T-Rex. Highlights of this museum include Dinosaurs gallery, Mammals with an impressive model blue whale and the spectacular Central Hall, home to the Museum’s iconic Diplodocus skeleton. While you are at this museum, do not forget to pay a visit to Cocoon where you will have the opportunity of seeing alluring specimens of plants and animals.

The Science Museum is another place to explore with kids on a rainy day. With over 15,000 objects on display, it is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe. The main attraction of this museum is the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.

London Attractions

If museums are not amusing your kids much, then head towards Westminster Abbey. Even though you will get drenched in rain a bit, but it would be worthwhile as exploring this church in rain is even more exciting. The architecture is interestingly beautiful with intricate artworks adorning the ambiance. Explore the site of Kate and William’s wedding at this beautiful church.

When visiting this church, do make sure you pay a visit to Poet’s Corner. Being a burial site for many luminaries in the history, this place is visited by numerous visitors each year. And, for your kids, the sheer expanse of this beautiful burial ground will vow them.

Mounting the London Eye

What can thrill a kid better than dizzying heights accompanied with stupendous views of the city? London Eye provides just that. Being the topmost attraction of the city, this giant ferry wheel attracts an overwhelming number of visitors each year. Climb into its glass capsules and have an unparalleled 360° view of the city with the capsules rotating slowly to give you a majestic panoramic view during its 45 minutes ride.

London weather is extremely unpredictable and it can upset your entire tour itinerary if you do not plan it. Take a hint from the ideas given above and do not let rain play spoilsport to your trip.

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