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Disclosure: The below mentioned games from Peaceable Kingdom were provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Games are a big part of our lives in this household. My girls, as well as my husband and myself love to play games. We could play games anytime. I am a huge fan of the Cooperative Games that Peaceable Kingdom has to offer. They are a great concept, as well as the fact that they teach your children many great skills.

About Peaceable Kingdom:

Since 1983, Peaceable Kingdom has been creating fresh, fun products that educate, stimulate, and inspire. The company originally began with a single product, and now they are an industry leader in stickers, greeting cards, and cooperative games.

The mission of Peaceable Kingdom is to: Make good, do good, be good!

They know the vital importance of happy relationships with your children, which is why all of their products help you connect with the kids in your life.

About the products I received:

Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Board Game:

In this awesome game, you have to move all the owls from start to the nest before the sun rises. This game can be played with 2-4 players. Each of the players take turns, but they are all working together. At the start of the game, you place the sun token in the first space on the sun track and place 3 owls on the start spaces. Give 3 cards to each of the players. All of the players keep their cards face up in front of them so that they can work together to strategize how to move. This game can become more challenging by adding up to 6 tokens in the game. Because Hoot Owl Hoot! is a cooperative game players play any of the owls – no one player has a single owl , she is trying to get back to the nest.

This awesome game has received many awards.

Princess Match Up Game & Puzzle:

This game is good for kids 2 and up. 1-4 players can play this game. You can play this awesome game two different ways. Face Up Match Up for the youngest players and Memory Match Up for kids 3+. In the Face Up Match Up  you place all the cards face up on a table or smooth surface. You then could have an adult ask questions about finding specific cards. You can also have the child pick up twleve cards in numeric order. To make the game even more challenging, turn the cards face down and play a memory matching game. On the back of the matching game, there is a challenging puzzle that can help keep the fun going on in the game.

This game is great at teaching visual memory, counting, and taking turns.

Tattoos & Stickers:

The stickers that Peaceable Kingdom has to offer are out of this world. You can take any category or style and I can almost guarantee that they have them. They have color stickers, 3-D stickers, Scratch & Sniff, Teeny Tiny ones, and plenty more.

The Tattoos are awesome. My girls love the tattoos. There are a wide variety of tattoos that are available. The tattoos go on easily, as well as the fact that they stay on for many days, which makes any child happy.


My Thoughts:

I was a huge fan of each of the products that I received. As you can see, my girls enjoyed playing with their new princess match up game & Puzzle. I was so thrilled that it was a game that both of them could play together and that they got along so well while they were playing it. That tattoos are another favorite item for them. They both love the tattoos. The ring and bracelets were their absolute favorite. They want to get those for all of their friends for Christmas. The Hoot Owl Hoot! Game was a new favorite for our entire family. We all love it completely. It is a great game for us to all play when we are having our family game nights.

I can guarantee that Peaceable Kingdom has something to offer everyone. You can find games and activities for someone of almost any age at all.


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