Why Visit Niagara Falls

In North America, there are several sites that every human should witness before they die. The Grand Canyon, the Great Lakes, the giant sequoia trees of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Monument Valley in Utah, and—of course—Niagara Falls. You don’t have to throw yourself over the Falls in a barrel—as daredevil teacher Annie Edson Taylor did in 1901—but Niagara Falls should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.
Here are five reasons why.
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1. It’s a Natural Wonder of the World
There are few places that bring home the awesome power of Mother Nature quite like the breathtaking Niagara Falls. To give you some idea of the sheer power involved here, take into account that, every minute, 189,600 tons (tons!) of water flows over the Falls. That’s 750,000 gallons per second—which is why it has been a major energy source for both America and Canada for over half a century. In fact, Niagara Falls produces more electricity in New York State than any other source. Best of all, it’s clean hydroelectricity and kind to the environment.

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2. It’s an American Institution
The 400-acre Niagara Falls site is the United States’ oldest state park and has viewing platforms in both Canada and the U.S.A. And while 140 acres of the Park are under water, the other 260 benefited from the landscape design of Frederick Law Olmsted—otherwise known as the visionary who designed Manhattan’s also-world-famous Central Park. The Niagara State Park was planned with the idea of immersing visitors in nature as much as possible and therefore has a multitude of footpaths and trails—one of which grants access to the Niagara Gorge.


3. Romance, Romance, Romance
The three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls have been popular destinations for marriage proposals and weddings for a century, as well as an incredibly inviting place to spend a honeymoon. This is probably why two of these magnificent feats of nature are named Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Sadly, the beloved Honeymoon Bridge collapsed in 1938 because of ice build-up—but no amount of ice could freeze the free-flowing romance that takes place at this stunning destination. After your Niagara Falls visit, you can continue your travels on to Toronto, for a weekend in the big city. It’s just over the bridge, bring your passports!
cave of the winds at night

Cave Of the Winds/Bridal Veil at Night


4. It’s a Great Conservation Site
The Niagara River Corridor is a place where both wildlife and plant life truly thrive. With 14 species of rare plants surviving here, as well as 600 flora species and 140 of 170 of New York’s native trees, Niagara is a place that belongs more to nature than to man. A fact emphasized by the populations of animals surviving here—including thousands of species of waterfowl and some protected birds and fish, including the American Bald Eagle and New York’s endangered Lake Sturgeon.
5. Even Superman Loves Niagara Falls
Before whisking her away to his Fortress of Solitude in Superman II (not romantic), Clark Kent and Lois Lane spent some time hanging out in Niagara Falls (very romantic). When they weren’t saving unsupervised small children from certain death in the raging waters, they looked to be having a fantastic time. The 1980 sci-fi classic raised the profile of Niagara Falls around the world and made it an even more desirable hot-spot for tourists. Side note, if you haven’t seen this film, we suggest a night at home this weekend and watching it. Highly recommended.  And come on, you are a hot blooded human, aren’t you?  You know you want to watch Superman movies.  Now you have an excuse.


  1. Cousins visited over the Summer and the pics were amazing. These shots are worthy of postcards or calendars, gorgeous pics! So many places to see in this beautiful world.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Niagra Falls, and now with all your awesome reasons I’m ready to pack my bags today! Thanks. 🙂

  3. Closer to Lucy says:

    There aren’t too many places that I would say that I HAVE to go visit one day, but Niagara Falls is definitely on the list. OMgoodness…so beautiful. What an amazing place!

  4. Show Me Mama says:

    What a beautiful site! really nice to take picture of this and display in your dining room or living room. Your little one sure had fun! Thanks for sharing.

  5. the falls are intense.
    i love raw power of it

  6. vickie couturier says:

    that looks so pretty,,I don’t live to far from there now,an that’s one thing on my bucket list is to go an see it,,we are now living in VT which is far a way but not as far as TN was

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