Adorable Aurora Stuffed Toys

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stuffed toys

Looking for soft and snugly?  If you are like my son, winter (ok, all times of the year) mean cuddling up with a soft, fluffy stuffed animal.  Or 12.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that makes him happier then a new stuffed animal.  If I save it until the end of the day, he will even willingly go to bed.  It was one of the only things he asked Santa for this year- Stuffed animals, action figures, and Skylanders.

stuffed dog

Some adorable stuffies come from Aurora.  They have some of his favorites, including the popular “YooHoos” (many of which make funny sounds, speak, or sing when their stomach is pressed) and the new Miyoni, which are available in several sizes.  The have such sweet faces, very expressive- even the smallest ones.

 toy dog

Miyoni™ and Miyoni™ Tots: Fine quality, exceptional detail and soft to the touch, Aurora’s Miyoni line captures the beauty of nature featuring the world’s most popular domestic and jungle animals and North American wildlife. The line expanded this year with scores of new animals including the release of realistic and naturally sweet “tots”. Each highlights the endearing looks and poses of younger animals. (MSRP varies by size; ranges from $9 – $60)

stuffed toys

YooHoo & Friends: The epic expansion for Aurora’s best selling line this year includes the release of two new collections, 14 pieces total, including a fan-designed, limited edition YooHoo and extinct and endangered dinosaurs and bugs. The endangered bug collection includes Luckee™ (ladybug),  Charlie™ (caterpillar),  Whispee™ (butterfly),  Spidee™ (spider),  Bumblee™ (bumblebee) and Twirlee™ (snail) plus two colorful frogs Jumpee™ and Springee™; each features all new “glitter eyes.” Janessa Chong from Malaysia and her colorful rainbow-inspired “Marshmallow” beat out hundreds of others in Aurora’s worldwide design competition. Aurora will release the limited edition Marshmallow™ (3,600 pieces) a triceratops,  plus extinct dinosaurs Rexee™ (Tyrannosaurus Rex),  Stegee™ (Stegosaurus),  Woolee™ (Wooly Mammoth),  Toothee™ (Saber Tooth Tiger) and an endangered Sloth named Speedee™ (5”, SRP: $7).


  1. vickie couturier says

    my grandbabies would love these,,they look so soft an cuddly

  2. that cat is so cute I can just eat it up!
    the butterfly is a nice touch. I didn’t think it could get much cuter then yoohoos but boy was I wrong!

  3. Those are so cute, perfect for the little ones

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