Fun and Creative Gift Wrapping Tips and Techniques for Kids

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Whether it’s a birthday present or a Christmas gift, a part of the fun in giving something to someone else is finding some pretty wrapping to put it in. And while you could go to the mall and pay a customer sales associate to wrap your present for you, why not take a more fun, creative and cheaper route and do it yourself? And while you’re at it, why not have your kids help you?

If that sounds like a good idea and you’d like some suggestions on some effective wrapping tips and techniques for kids, we have provided you with five of our favorite ones below:

Use gift bags. Definitely one of the easiest ways to wrap a present is to put them in a gift bag. You can find them at Wal-Mart or even your local Dollar Store for a really low price. Then all that you have to put inside of them is some tissue paper. If you take your children with you to pick out the bag and paper, it’s a quick way for them to wrap a gift while incurring very little mess in the process.

Put “it” in a recycled cloth bag. If you want to make the wrapping just as usually as the gift, consider putting it inside of a recycled cloth bag. That way, the person can use the bag to go grocery shopping or to carry their lunch in. And as far as your children’s contribution to the wrapping, if you purchase a white one, you can purchase some paint and have them either paint a picture on the bag or put their handprint on it.

Add some “3D images”. Something else that you can do is wrap the present up in solid color wrapping paper. Then you can help your children to make some 3D images to put on the front of it. It can be anything from a clown’s face or Christmas tree to a self-design of their own faces. This will be especially appreciated by a grandparent who may live miles away. To get some instructions on how to craft designs out of construction paper, go to your favorite search engine and put “3D image out of construction paper” in the search field.

Purchase some CD sleeves. Here’s a really creative idea. If you and your children like to bake homemade goods and give them as gifts, you could put them in a tin can. Or you could try else—like a CD sleeve. If you are baking some really large cookies, you could put one in a sleeve and then have your kids to write their name or a really sweet message on the back of it. Then you can tie it with some colorful ribbons. The person on the receiving end will absolutely love it.

Try making a gift tag. Some of the most beautifully wrapped presents feature intricate details on them like gift tags. Something that you can do to teach your kids how to spell is to get out some Scrabble tiles and a bit of twine and make some name tags. For tips on how you and your children can make gift tags that will come out perfectly, visit and put “DIY name tags” in the search field.


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