5 Fun Summer Backyard Activities for Kids

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Every time that the summer season rolls around, we as parents find ourselves in a bit of dilemma. Although there are always things like swimming and going to the park that our children can do, we all know that kids tend want to break out of their play routine on a pretty frequent basis; this means that they’re always looking for something new and interesting to do.

So, as you’re gearing up for a few months of fun in the heat, we wanted to provide you with a list of five summer backyard activities that your kids can do; ones that will be sure to keep them happy all summer long.

Help them to make their own tent. Whether you want to “camp out” as a family or let a few of your kids’ friends over for an outdoor slumber party, rather than going to a store to purchase a tent, how about letting them make one of their own? In fact, there are websites that will show you how to make tints, teepees and even playhouses. One of our favorites is Spoonful. Just go to the site and put “DIY hideouts” in the search field.

Create a clothesline theater. There are some of us who remember growing up and putting on a puppet or even our own theater show. You can pass this tradition onto your own children by creating a clothesline theater where they can do the same thing. All you need is a couple of clotheslines, three white sheets (that can be painted or drawn on), some clothespins and a few metal binders. BunchofFamily.ca is one website that can walk you through the instructions. When you go to the site, put “cool clothesline theater” in the search field.

Design a butterfly net. Something else that a lot of children enjoy doing, especially around sunset, is catching insects like fire flies. Well, if you happen to have a lot of butterflies in your backyard, make them their own butterfly net. They will have lots of fun trying to catch them and once they do, you can share the story of how a caterpillar transitioned into the very butterfly that is inside of their net. SkiptoMyLou.org will walk you through the net-making process. Go to the site and put “homemade butterfly net” in the search field.

Make some “ice cream in a bag”. Say that you purchased a play set from Best in Backyards and you like your backyard design so much that you want to host a party for your kids and their friends? No summer party is complete without some ice cream. But rather than going to a store to get some, consider making some homemade ice cream out of a Ziploc bag instead. It’s quick, easy and actually can reduce the amount of mess that ice cream in a cone would cause. SkiptoMyLou.org has all of the instructions. Just put “ice cream party” or “ice cream in a bag” in the search field.

Show them how to blow bubbles. Another activity that’s enjoyable is blowing bubbles and with the help of some water, liquid glycerin (or corn syrup) and some straws, it’s really easy to do. For creative ways to make bubble blowers for you and your children, visit Parenting, YouTube and MyHomeSpunThreads.blogspot.com and put “bubble blowers” in the search field. Have fun!


  1. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families says

    I remember camping in our backyard in a tent during the summer time. It was always so much fun. Ah the memories of my own childhood. 😉


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