Prom Dresses – Know the Options

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Prom is a big deal.  In your child’s life, there are a few big days for them and prom is one of them. Whether you went or not there is no reason to keep them from enjoying their day.  Either boy or girl underclassmen or senior will be excited for this party of their high school career.  For some, this is the last hurrah of high school before taking on more responsibility and self-reliance in college or beyond.  What are some current dresses that are hot for prom you may ask?  Well first of all talk to your kids.  Since she will be the one wearing the dress it makes the most sense to start there.  If they haven’t thought about it, or don’t know because there are so many options why not search around a bit online.  With a few clicks around on JJ’s House, you can find a plethora of prom dresses.  Click on for some examples.

The dresses amount of dresses available is astounding.  From big ball gowns to more reserved dresses and everything in between.  There are dresses which look make your little princess just a queen and others that make her look like a Roman Goddess.

Three suggestions for picking out the perfect dress:

1)  Give an opinion, but do not push in that direction.  Your opinion is just that this time around, be more of a support then whip or prod.

2)  Suggest friends help.  The more the merrier especially since friends will be at the prom and their opinion is important, probably.  Play this one by ear.  If you little one is a social butterfly then suggest friends if not, then maybe suggest that bestie that’s been around since the beginning of time.

3)  Be ready to pay.  Dresses aren’t cheap, so do not expect a $10 dress.  But do not pay out of the nose just because of a label.  For example prices at JJ’s House (which are very reasonable range from just under $100 to just under $300.

With this tips in mind and a some research you can be a super parent at prom time just like the rest of the time.

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