Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids

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My girls absolutely love playing dress up. They even got a huge dress up dresser with tons of dress up clothes for their birthdays. They were so very excited to add the Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids to their dress up collection.

About Just Pretend Kids:

Wyla Inc. (the parent company of JustPretend and has been designing, producing, and supplying tulle, lace, and novelty fabrics for over forty years. They take special care to make the finest quality fabrics at affordable prices. Because they have experience with their own children and grandchildren they know how important it is to produce fabrics that are comfortable and safe to wear while at the same time being beautiful and magical.

They believe that Pretending is a human way of practicing for real life. In many cases, they believe that it helps people decide what we want to do or not want to be when we grow up. They want their costumes to make your children feel like princesses, pirates, dragons, and lady bugs, and to inspire them to dream, laugh, imagine, and explore.

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About Annie Fuchsia Tutu:

The multi-colored tutu and big satin bow make the Annie Collection as vivacious and fun as your little one’s personality. Just Pretend Kids’ high quality and comfortable materials won’t get in the way of play.


My Thoughts:

Wow! That is the first thought that came to my mind as I was getting this wonderful costume out of the package and helping my little one put it on for the first time. She was so incredibly excited about the costume. We all love pink in our house, and it was definitely a huge hit for her.

This costume is absolutely adorable. It has all the pieces that are needed to help your child dress up and let their imaginations run wild. This costume is also made extremely well. I can tell that the products used to make the costume were very good. The costume is going to last us many years into the future.

My daughter insists that this is now her favorite costume. It has been a little tricky talking my two girls into sharing this costume. I know part of that is because it is new, but mainly it is because they absolutely love the look of this gorgeous costume.



If you are interested in purchasing a great costume from Just Pretend Kids head on over to their website and find the perfect costume for that kid in your life.


  1. Vickie Couturier says

    my granddaughters would love this outfit,its so cute

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