DiscoRobo – Fun Radio and Robot For Eevryone

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DiscoRobo is back with even more fun.  DiscoRobo is TOSY Robotics fun, dancing to the music robot.  The little guy can dance to any music played or even hand clapping, beatbox, drum beats, or foot steps- although the best is music with a lot of bass in it.  It is great fun watching the little guy shake and move on the floor or on his radio.  In addition to the regular dancing DiscoRobo can do, there is also a special headstand where he can do said headstands and breakdancing moves.  This is interesting as well, but DiscoRobo shines as an on the floor dancer.  His face changes to the music as well, completing the scene for a dancing robot in your living room.

discoroboThere is also a way to interact with DiscoRobo via his app, available for iOS, Android and Windows.  This app lets you chat with and commend the robot to do as you wish, within its capabilities.  Pretty much dancing.  If you get more then one DiscoRobo, together the two can also chat with each other.

DiscoRobo also comes with his own stage, which doubles as a portable mp3 with internal memory and music device connectivity.  Thus,  DiscoRobo brings his music with him or he can dance to music right off your iPod, iPhone or any other musical device.

DiscoRobo is great fun and as amazing as it sounds, works exactly as described- he dances along to the beat and is genuinely fun to watch.  If at first the little guy doesn’t work right, try cranking the music or bass up louder, although not so high it hurts.  That is unnecessary and painful.

DiscoRobo is available now retailing for $90.00 including stage, $50 by itself, for ages 4+ from fine toy stores everywhere.  DisoRobo and the stage are each available in four colors, pink, blue, red and purple.  Both the DiscoRobo and the stage require 8 AA batteries in order to operate, not included.



  1. vickie couturier says

    how stinking cute,,my grandkids would love this espically the older ones that are getting hard to buy for

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