VTech Innotab Pixar Play and I-Spy

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gift guideWe’ve talked quite a bit about big-kid gaming recently- what about the little ones?  With the holidays coming up, we can’t leave anyone out.  Check out these new titles fro VTech, makers of innovative, fun, and educational games for children.

pixar playPixar Play

Pixar Play is one of the newest games for Vtech Innotab tablets for kids. The game has activites and game for kids aged 4 to 7 years old. The game features some of your favorite characters from Toy Story, to Finding Nemo, the Monsters of Monsters University and The Incredibles. All these and more in one game. Not only is this game of fun but also of learning. Kids will learn spelling while fighting Zurg, Learn new words with Nemo and read an e-book of The Incredibles. These are just a few of the many games and activities included in Pixar Play. The best part is with each game you collect coins and with each coin you can play the Spaceship Crane Game with which you collect toys to fill a shelf. If you collect all the toys a special mini game is unlocked.

i spy kids gamesI-Spy

I-Spy Adventure is a new take on a classic game for the Innotab children’s tablet system. With this game there are 50 levels of riddles and games full of reading skill building problem solving, matching logic and more. OF the 50 levels there are 4 different thinking games each of which has surprises, power-ups and more fun. Not only will kids have fun playing the classic I Spy where visual discrimination is key but they will also build up reading skills, which is always a good thing. This game is for children aged 4-7 and will work with just about all the Innotab tablets.

Head to http://www.vtechkids.com to pick up these games and many more.  There are many games to choose from, as well as tablets and accessories.  Happy shopping!

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