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There are many ways to get onto the internet and one of the most important aspects of this is your access point. Most often your access point is through a router and one of the most prolific router companies is Netgear. Today we will be looking at two new Netgear products which are sure to get you zipping along the internet in no time, be it at home or on the go.

pic1First up is for our traveling readers- often times while traveling, a Router and Range Extender would make web surfing a breeze. The new Trek is just that. It acts as a router, range extender, access point or a bridge and it small enough to fit in a laptop bag too.


The way it works is twofold, 1 it can take a wireless connection and create a secure wireless Wi-Fi network or it can boost an existing Wi-Fi network to cover more area. Either way the device works great. You even have the option to power it with either a wall outlet or via usb, so even when in a tight spot with a laptop and the trek it is still possible to be the internet hero of the group. With either sharing a single wired connection and prepping for a meeting or just trying to connect more than one device which paying for access to one connection. The Trek has a multitude of uses which will become more apparent as you use it more often. At home or on the go it’s the perfect Wi-Fi companion.

pic1For those of you looking for a new router we are have had the privilege of checking out the new Nighthawk x6 Tri-Band Wi-Fi router. This beauty connects multiple devices at the fastest speeds possible in a smart way. Tri-band Wi-Fi changes the way Wi-Fi works in your home. No longer is one band used for all your devices now you can connect to one of three bands, one 2.4 Ghz and two 5Ghz wife bands making it x6 capacity. With on board processing power and intelligence the Nighthawk automatically picks the fastest speed possible for each device connecting to it, so your older devices will not slow down your newer devices and all your devices will play nicely online without any issues. From gaming to browsing to photo editing anything is possible with the Nighthawk.

pic2The Nighthawk sports 6 high performance antennae thus delivering unparalleled range and supports for your devices giving you the ability to connect from a ton more places in your home and giving that table in the kitchen the ability to pump out music just as easily as the PC in the bedroom. The Nighthawk also has ReadyShare USB capabilities which lets you stream media to any Wi-Fi enabled device on your network, from game consoles to tablets and laptops, all can share the storage. Also just an install away is ReadyShare Vault Pc software which automatically backs up your important files like photos, documents, and music files to a connected USB device. Recently we purchases an external hard drive and saved all our movies, music and photos to it then connected it to the Nighthawk and were amazed at how easy it is to view all our files from anywhere in the house, and from just about any device. I would highly suggest picking up this router if redoing your network or as an excuse to redo your network. The access and security are great and setup is a breeze.

The Trek retails for $59.99, and the Nighthawk retails for $299.99 and is available everywhere electronics are sold.



  1. nice
    i love the nighthawk what a cool loking device too

  2. Christine T says

    Wow. This looks like a great travel router. Sounds like it would work well.

  3. I could really use that for traveling

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