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Getting into shape is “one of those things” that many of us struggle with daily.  We all want to look and feel great, but many of us weren’t born with perfect genes or a great metabolism.  Couple that with the junk that is pumped into food these days (yes, yay for technology) and busy lives, and it’s just not easy, is it?  It’s no wonder why so many people make losing weight or personal fitness their New Year’s resolution.  Did you start off strong in January, but now that February is here, you are wavering a little?  Kohl’s has your back.

WP_20150222_15_33_40_ProThey have great sales on everything you need to lose weight and get into shape (without breaking the bank).  I love all the bright colors as well- with a winter that seems like it will drag on for all eternity, it is nice to at least wear the colors that the outside world is missing, yes?

WP_20150222_15_34_06_ProI belong to a local gym, which is helpful for me, because I really dislike this cold weather, and I promise you I would not be out in it much for walks or whatnot.  I am outside as little as humanly possible right now, so I am grateful for that membership!  Another option that I utilize is at-home workout DVDs and yoga.  Kohl’s has a fairly wide variety of both DVDs and workout equipment, from weights to yoga mats and more.  They carry all the brands you know, trust, and love, as well as the DVDs with trainers you really want to watch. Even better news- they are all on sale.

WP_20150222_15_34_52_ProWhile I was picking up some new workout gear, I also stopped by the ladies’ department- they had such great sales going on, I really, really had to look.  Not only did they have great sales going on, but you could also use the coupon that they emailed you (you ARE signed up for Kohl’s emails, right?) as well as earn cash back for every $50 you spent.  It was not like there were a lot of reasons not to look around, true?

pic5There were so many cute options, and the price was right, too. I love shopping at Kohl’s, because you can always get what you need or want, and you don’t need to spend a ton to do it.  My son found something he liked as well- some fun watches with LEGO toys inside.  A two for one- toy plus watch equals happy kiddo, right?

WP_20150222_15_06_02_ProBefore these sales are over, head to your local store or visit and see what they have for you.  Keep yourself motivated, hit the gym, the pavement, pop in a DVD- whatever works for you.  Then check out all the new clothes that you fit (and look fabulous) in since staying on track.


  1. I love shopping at Kohl’s and they have great workout clothes that I have gotten their and the videos really help me stay in shape! I need to go shopping for summer items though!


    I did not know Kohl’s had all that yoga items. I do need another mat and will check them out. I do shop there for other things.

  3. I didn’t realize that Kohl’s had such a big selection of fitness products. It’s kinda too bad for us that the closest one is about 70 miles away. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m going into Portland.

  4. Yes, I just purchased some workout clothes from Kohl’s and I love it. They have everything you need to get into shape.

  5. We haven’t been to our Kohl’s in a while. Last time there we spent too much…

  6. Wow – they have some really cute clothes and lots of exercise essentials! I had never thought of looking at Kohl’s for getting back in shape but I’m going to have to check it out!

  7. Wow Kohls relal does have everything dont they?
    Id love to get some new workout gear.

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