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20150425_111058Many own the new Nintendo 3DS, but few really know the consoles in and outs.  Today we will be looking at the StreetPass Mii Plaza area.  This area is for use by your friend’s Mii’s.  As you walk around with your 3DS in your pocket, pouch, or case with StreetPass on, you get to meet other people who also have StreetPass on with their 3DS.  As you meet these people, they give you the opportunity to progress in mini games and puzzles for prizes like accessories for your Mii.  An example would be a hat that looks like Metroid on your head.  There are a total of 8 mini games available to play with other’s Mii’s.  The first two are free Find Mii, which is a light hearted RPG with some tough villains, and Puzzle Swap where each player shares their puzzle pieces to awesome moving 3D  puzzles containing characters from various Nintendo games and videos like Pikmin, Link from Zelda, and Mario Brothers.


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These are fun enough on their own and will give you hours of fun.  In addition to these there are a few premium games, which do cost money.  They are Monster Manor, Warrior’s Way, Flower Town, Mii Force, Ultimate Angler, and Battleground Z.  Each of these adds fun new content to play, ranging from design and exploration of a haunted house in Monster Manor, to flower growing and pollination with Flower Town- with such a range, there is a game for everyone.  The newest of the bunch are Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler, both of which are a blast.  Battleground Z has players gather weapons like super hero costumes, pillows, and baseball bats (these seem to go together, yes?) to help fellow zombie survivors while beating some zombie bottom.  Ultimate Angler is a fishing game where you share the fun of fishing with friends on StreetPass Islands, which are full of rare and exciting species of sea dwellers.

Each premium game is available now on the eShop only for the Nintendo 3DS.  Prices vary depending on how many of the premium games you wish to purchase, where the cost per game decreases with the more you buy, so be sure to explore your 3DS and make the most of this fun little hand held.



  1. Vera Sweeney says

    It is amazing what video games can do these days. This sounds like a fun game for the 3ds!

  2. J. Merrill says

    It probably shows my age, but I’m pretty impressed by anything with 3D graphics and dual-monitors that can fit in your pocket!

  3. My daughters know all about this and love making friends with people around the world!

  4. Cindy Schultz says

    We stopped at the DS Lite. This is a cool feature, like playing with your friend’s Miis on the Wii.

  5. Wow. It has been a long time since I have been around a DS. My boys are just approaching this age and this is so cool. My oldest will love discovering the secret games and prizes.

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