Top 10 Lesser Known European Destinations for Less

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European cities can be costly, especially if you’re traveling with the family. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to navigate lesser known destinations, you’re sure to find the following places to visit an adventure.


You may think that all child-friendly destinations are out your monetary reach when it comes to showing your family Europe. However, lesser known places such as Prague are just as entertaining. Fortunately, you won’t break the bank if you want to explore this enchanted land. Whether you venture there in the freezing cold or wait until the thaw, you’ll find the attractions, meals and lodging an inexpensive way to navigate the globe.


Valencia is an easy to reach location that sits near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The vibrancy of the city boasts a number of things to see and do such as festivals, museums, sandy beaches, parks and gardens. The actual perk when visiting Valencia is that the prices are significantly lower than what you would find in other coastal cities throughout Europe. If you’re looking to plan your next adventure, Image Tours has been around for years, and they can help put together your next excursion.


Barcelona is one of the hippest cities to visit. Guests to the region will find a variety of daytime attractions to tour such as markets, museums and churches. If you’re looking for night life, the area holds an assortment of entertaining venues. While Barcelona’s popularity has caused the prices to increase over the years, it’s still considerably lower than the other better known regions throughout Europe.


If you’re looking to share a city that’s rich in architecture and history, Budapest is ranked as one of the most beautiful. From affordable hotels and inexpensive eateries, guests will get to enjoy sampling a taste of Hungarian life without maxing out your credit cards.


Istanbul promises an array of attractions for culture hounds and history buffs. Visitors to the region can also find affordable lodging choices and eateries. However, if you plan on taking advantage of the night life, it may cost you significantly more because of the price of alcohol.


Krakow is an area of Europe that beckons to history revelers. With over 750 years of stories to tell, travelers on a budget can wade through the many tales without having to spend a fortune. In addition to magnificent palaces and churches, visitors can also take advantage of the many budget-friendly restaurants and hotels throughout the city.


This German capital may seem like a gold mine to wander through with its culture, modern science and art. However, the region is so efficiently run and easily accessible by subway that it makes navigating through the various sites an affordable option for travelers.


The capital city of Latvia is a bargain for travelers who are looking to escape to Europe. With historical monuments, palate pleasing eateries and lively nightlife, it’s an adventurous summer excursion. In addition to the history, the beaches of Riga are great for families with children.


Known as the “little Paris,” Bucharest has been known to possess some of the same unique charms that its western sister holds. From the urban parks to the wide selection of museums, visitors can delight in the sights and sounds of this charming city. While it’s similar to Paris, France in scenery, travelers won’t have to worry about losing their shirt when it comes to costs. Meals, lodging and beverages are outrageously affordable.


Crete may sound like a far off land, but its offerings are plentiful. From breathtaking scenery to sandy beaches, the riches that unfold in this unique city are highly affordable. History buffs will enjoy exploring the many museums and palaces. If your personality is more outdoorsy, you won’t want to miss hiking the Samoria Gorge.


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