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A fleet of amphibious 8-wheeled black-and-yellow vehicles, otherwise known as ARGOs, may be a rare site to see in the United States. Perhaps more rare, would be children and their families operating the all-terrain machines on an off road course.

The Argos are added as Diggerland’s 25th attraction, following the World’s Fastest Backhoe and JCB WorkMax UTVs that were introduced earlier in the construction theme park’s second season.

“The ARGO furthers our goal of providing one-of-a-kind entertainment for families visiting our park,” said Yan Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. “Diggerland is the only place in America where kids and their families can operate heavy equipment; and now we’re the only place you can get behind the wheel of an ARGO.”

The construction-themed adventure park covers 14 acres of centrally located land in Camden County, NJ and offers visitors the opportunity to operate full size excavators, dumper trucks, and backhoes among a range of other heavy machinery in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Guests can operate the ARGOs as early as Friday, June 19 as Diggerland is now open everyday through Labor Day for the summer. The newest attraction seats four people; three guests and an operator and is driven along a fixed course in the park.

“We are always looking to add new attractions to our park,” said Ilya Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. “We instantly knew the ARGO was a must-have. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we’re very excited to give our guests the chance to drive them.”

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  1. Janet W. says:

    I’ve never heard of this place or that it exists! How fun! My grandsons love anything construction related and would think this is so cool!

  2. Michelle Ayers says:

    That looks like a lot of fun!

  3. That is an amazing and unique theme park.

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