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I have used Pantene shampoo and conditioner on and off for most of my adult (and teen) life.  I like the way it smells, and the way my hair feels when I use it.  Pantene can be a little more expensive then other brands, but it’s worth it- and besides, you can cut the cost by buying when it’s on sale and have coupons.  I just bought Pantene during my last trip to WalMart, and got quite a good deal.


They have many varieties available for all kinds of hair types- whatever your hair needs, there is a Pantene for you.  There are also many sizes, from small to the large, “bulk” size- so again, whatever your needs, Pantene has you covered.  I decided to try a new variety this time- actually, I couldn’t decide between two different kinds, so I got them both.  I know, indecisiveness. But there are worse things, true?


I picked up both the “Full and Strong” and the “Sheer Volume”, since those are things my hair needs most.  I often feel my hair is not as full as it could be, and lacks volume.  It did look nice after washing and conditioning- now, if only I can get a day without a zillion per cent humidity, and we will really be in business!  Ah, summer hair.


This is my hair, with no styling, no additional product, no blowing it dry- just like every other day, wash, condition, and air dry.  It’s smooth, even considering today’s weather- and I was out in the rain for a bit- shiny, and smooth.  I do like the way it smells, always have.  It also lasts a while, so if you have a long flight or anything like that, you won’t feel too gross when you get off the plane. (I said TOO gross- it’s still a plane, after all, LOL.)

Head to WalMart and see which Pantene works best for your hair.  Grab what works, and save a little, too!


  1. Rebecca Swenor says

    I actually love using Pantene but haven’t used it in a couple of years. I will have to try some of the shampoos and conditioners for sure. The Full and Strong is one I would love to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow your hair looks so beautiful and healthy,i guess pantene gives you value for your money.

  3. I have also used Pantene on and off for most of my life. I really have to check out the new ones that have come out and see if I can find one that will help my hair–it has taken a beating this summer.

  4. wow i love pantene products and your hair looks really good too

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