Dareway Revolution for Kids

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A segway can be seen as the transportation of the future.  But to really make a splash, there has to be something that differentiates it from the pack.  The new Dareway Revolution is just that device.  It is made for kids and meant to be enjoyed.  It can bolt around and spin.  The controls are responsive, and it even includes a sound system for your digital device and a place to put it, so there are no accidental breaks to your phone or mp3 player.

The Dareway sports some very nifty features like:

    • Dual-motor ride-on spins a full 360°
    • Stable base for one rider
    • Foot accelerator
    • Electric brake
    • Built-in LED battery charge indicator displays green, yellow and red lights
    • iPhone/MP3 holder
    • Audio jack connection
    • Speakers play your music as you ride
    • Handlebar adjusts into three different height positions

What I like best is how easy to charge it is- it is heavy but not incredibly so.  Included is an AC adapter that charges the internal batteries to allow for long play time.  There is a separate battery for the sound system, but this is to be expected from a set of speakers so be sure to pick some up as well.

Some kids will take naturally to the Dareway, but it does have a learning curve for others.  When spinning, it is definitely a fun  ride and is meant to be played with in a large flat surface.


The Dareway retails for $249.99 and is available now on Toys R Us.

The age range for use is 4-10 years old, but the ideal age for review is 9-10 years to use all of the features as intended.

Disclosure- I received this product in order to review it.  All opinions are my own and honest.


  1. That dareway looks neat.
    I bet my kids would love it

  2. My daughter would love this! She thinks segways are so neat.

  3. Never heard of those before, but it sounds so cool, great for Christmas.

  4. This looks awesome and a great option for Xmas this year. Thank you for sharing!

  5. GussyKnotts says

    Neat! I’ve never seen those before. A segway for kids, cool. Thanks for sharing!

  6. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    Oh gee! I’m sort of bummed. I am well over the age range and I think it looks like a lot of fun for me!

  7. Looks like great fun! I love how they make mini versions of vehicles for kids to enjoy. Guessing this will be a hot toy for the holidays!

  8. That looks like so much fun

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