Nintendo’s Yo Kai Watch

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The world of Yo Kai Watch is a strange one which centers around the city of Spingdale, where you take on the role of Nate.  Nate is an average kid trying to collect bugs, when he meets a Yo Kai named Whisper.  Yo Kai are mischievous creatures who love to cause problems for humans.  Whisper gives Nate a special watch which gives him the ability to see Yo Kai that are usually invisible.  Nate then has the ability to befriend Yo Kai wherever they may be hiding or causing hi-jinks. As Nate makes friends, they join his team of Yo Kai and help him uncover a mysterious force in town.  With the help of the strongest and best team of Yo Kai, you and Nate can help the town.


The game play of Yo Kai is quite different then other “capturing creatures” games, instead of directly controlling the action, you act in the role of an assistant, directing Yo Kai in where to attack, when to use special moves, and giving them items as well.  As you battle more, your Yo Kai can evolve into stronger versions of themselves or can be fused with each or other items to make different or stronger Yo Kai.  There are many Yo Kai to befriend and each of them has their own unique powers and personalities.  The town is full of both people and Yo Kai to help, and with each new quest there is another chance to gain experience as well as gain more Yo Kai.


The little guy loves this game because he thinks the Yo Kai are cute and interesting, so kids should love this game while more experienced players can appreciated the ability to fuse characters together to make new, stronger Yo Kai.

Yo Kai watch is available now for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS retailing for $39.99 at retailers everywhere and in the eShop on the 3DS.


  1. This looks like a fun game for kids to enjoy! I know this animation style is really popular.

  2. This looks really cute and I love the adorable characters! Sounds fun!

  3. Rebecca Swenor says

    This sounds like an awesome game kids would love to play and would make a great gift idea for my little nephew for sure. I love you can combine the characters to built a big better Yo Kai. I know my boys would have loved a game like this when they were little.

  4. This game sounds like alot of fun.

  5. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    This looks like a game my oldest would have enjoyed if it was out when he was younger. The colors look nice and bright.

  6. My son would love this game. He likes all games that are in this genre. i will have to look for it for Christmas.

  7. This looks like a really cool game. I bet my son, and even I, would like to play this.

  8. It looks like something my son would like.

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