Pack Light but Get These 3 Stylish Accessories to Make All Your Travels Fabulous

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Traveling is an important part of our lives and an experience one shouldn’t avoid. But when it comes to traveling, many trade style for comfort in all aspects. Once upon a time, men and women used to travel wearing tuxedos and evening gowns. While our fast paced world doesn’t encourage such inclinations, this doesn’t mean a modern girl shouldn’t pack a few stylish accessories to take a short city-break or a week-long vacation. After all, to look good means to feel good – even if you walk unbeaten paths or enjoy hip summer resorts.

There are plenty of resources on how to travel and pack light for a week’s vacation and you should follow such expert tips and tricks. Fortunately, some stylish accessories for stylish travel girls are weightless but so important! They add just a bit of sparkle and glam to a traveler’s outfit, even if you prefer jeans, boots and tees or boho summer dressed and strappy sandals. Let’s see together three


such fabulous accessories you just have to take along to look great and feel just the same!

1. A Pair of Nude Flat Strappy Sandal

If you are headed to an exclusive beach resort, an old European capital or a safari adventure at the end of the world, a pair of nude summer strappy sandals will be your best friend. Nude shoes in general are a girl’s best companion as they match any type of outfit and they make your feet look longer and slimmer. You can wear practically anything with them and they will make you look effortlessly chic.

  • Tip for picking the best nude sandals: when you buy nude footwear make sure the shoes shade matches your own skin shade. If you intent to get a good tan or are already featuring a gorgeous summer tan, make sure the sandals’ nude shade is equivalent to your skin’s one.

2. A Pair of Trendy Sunglasses

Many experts advise you to leave home your designer shades when you go to festivals, concerts or crowded outdoor events, camping and so on – they may get broken or stolen and it would be a shame. However, take your favorite pair of shades when vacationing and store them safely in a hard case when you don’t need them. There are plenty of hot sunglasses designs nowadays and you should always have one pair (if not two) when you travel.

  • Tip for picking the best sunglasses: always choose your sunglasses according to your face shape. There are plenty of tips to find the pair that looks great on you!

3. A Pair of Lever Back Pearl Earrings

Many say you should always take junk jewelry when you travel, but a pair of pearl earrings with a lever back that keeps them safe and hard to lose is the best type of jewelry you can bring along in a trip. Pearls are exquisite, feminine, discrete and sophisticated. They go with sporty outfits styling them up, with casual urban outfits, giving them a note of elegance and with chic stylish clothes. After all, a vacation doesn’t mean endless mountain hiking.

Even if you spend a week in a beach resort you still need to style up to attend a concert, have dinner in a restaurant, take part to a local event and so on. Pearls rise up to all expectations and match all types of clothes, enhancing your natural beauty and adding a dash of femininity and sophistication to all possible attire.

  • Tip for picking the best pair of lever back pearl earrings: Choose a pearl color, hue and overtone that match your skin tone, as the pearls’ purpose is to highlight your best features. Take a look at the tips and recommendations on PearlsOnly to learn how to choose the perfect pearl jewelry.

You probably know this already, but any trip of any type requires a stylish hat. You can style up any jeans-and-tank-top outfit with a modern straw fedora. A laidback straw panama hat goes also great with summer dresses and outfits that involve wearing short or long trousers. If you are the bohemian type of girl, a wide brim feminine beach or city hat will keep you protected and stylish. If you feel a tomboy at heart or your destination involves a sporty military style outfit you can also wear a bandana, a military cap or a newsboy style of cap. Have fun in your travels and enjoy a fabulous summer vacation!


  1. A Pair of Trendy Sunglasses is always important to me. I try to have a few pairs since I do need them. My eyes are so sensitive to the sun.

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