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Touring the Natural Beauty of California

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Those planning their very first trip to California probably think it is a state that is overflowing with celebrities and that the main attractions are theme parks and beaches. Actually, for many that may be the case, but if you have never been to this amazingly beautiful state that has some of the nation’s most diverse topographical features you are in for a real treat. Of course you may want to see Hollywood, LA and San Francisco with their nationally famous dispensaries, but you will not want to miss any of these five amazingly beautiful landmarks.

Sequoia National Park

Located in the southern Sierra Nevada area of the state, Sequoia National Park is a destination that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each and every year. What most visitors come to see are the gigantic old Sequoia trees among which is the famous General Sherman tree noted as being the largest tree on the planet. Along with contiguous Kings Canyon Park, Sequoia National Park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the year 1976.

Kings Canyon Park

Contiguously neighboring Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon Park is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is thought to have one of the deepest, if not the deepest canyon in the nation. Here you can find miles and miles of trails upon which to ride horses, hike and camp. There are two separate parts to the park: Grant Cove in which you will find the General Grant tree and Cedar Grove where photography enthusiasts have a field day taking pictures of the magnificent Sequoias.

Napa Valley

Who isn’t familiar with some of America’s most famous brands of wine such as Robert Mondavi and Beringer that have both been award winning vintners year after year? If you are going to visit the natural beauty that is California, you will want to tour several of the Napa Valley vineyards and wineries. You can go on guided tours much of the year and some do allow self-guided tours but you must call ahead. Because of the amazing wines coming out of Napa Valley, American wines have begun to rival their European counterparts.

Death Valley National Park

With an odd distinction from all other U.S. national parks as the lowest, hottest and of course the driest of all, this is one park that is not for the faint at heart. Extremely cold in the winter and hot in the summer, Death Valley has some of the most remarkable scenery in North America. Even though it has a morbid name, an amazing number of species do survive and thrive here.

Yosemite National Park

Last, but certainly not least, Yosemite National Park is the one you must see if there is only time to visit one of these breathtakingly beautiful sites. Also within the Sierra Nevada Mountains there are also ancient Sequoias throughout the park and a number of waterfalls among which is the majestic Bridalveil Fall that measures a phenomenal 617 feet in height. With majestic trees and breathtaking waterfalls, it is no wonder that Yosemite National Park sees more than a million visitors a year.

Because of the sheer size of California, there is so much to see and do that you will want to spend an extended vacation touring the state. These are just 5 of the most remarkable natural landmarks to visit on your trip through the state but if you want shopping, dining, dancing and entertainment, California has that too. Whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll find it in the Golden State.

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