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Foodie Fun and More in Papa’s Sushiria

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Certain games get everything right. Papa’s Sushiria is one of those special titles, representing a winning combination of multiple genres. In Papa’s Sushiria, players will work every job at a sushi restaurant. Taking orders, cooking rice, and preparing desserts has never been this exciting.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Papa’s Sushiria is the latest installment in a decade-spanning series of restaurant management games. First, there was Papa’s Pizzeria, followed by a dozen other highly specific diners. Where Papa’s Pancakeria and Papa’s Wingeria might’ve struggled, Papa’s Sushiria shines. That’s because there are very many ways to make sushi. And as the head chef, we get to discover all of them.

Playing Papa’s Sushiria on Poki is about so much more than making food. Upon starting a new adventure, players can create their own character. Surprisingly, this game offers more customization than I’ve ever seen. There are literally trillions of possibilities, thanks to hundreds of different hairstyles, facial hair options, glasses, and colours galore. Players can even adjust the eye spacing and mouth height, among other facial features, to create themselves in the game. Earning money opens up a whole new world of outfit possibilities, with different shirts, pants, shoes, hats, belts, and jackets. Basically, there’s an extremely detailed dress-up game within Papa’s Sushiria from POKI!

Once our character is created, it’s time to get to work. There are multiple stations in the restaurant, each of which has its own challenges. Taking orders is the first step in the process, and it’s the simplest. All we have to do is listen to the customer and send their order to the kitchen. Then, we can start the cooking process. As the chef, we’ll start by pouring rice into the rice cooker. Green and yellow markers on the cooker indicate when the rice is half-finished and fully done. If our timing is wrong, the customer won’t be happy!

The build station is where we can complete most of our chef duties. During our first day at the restaurant, we have somewhat limited access to fillings and toppings. There are carrots, salmon, and tuna, among other fresh ingredients. When adding ingredients onto the rice, we must spread them carefully. Real chefs take pride in their work, and we should, too. It takes a steady hand to perform this task perfectly. As such, younger gamers might have a tough time drizzling sauces and slicing the rolls evenly.

After the sushi is made, we’ll craft a drink for our customer. The beverage must include milk, a type of tea, and flavored bubbles. When the drink is complete, our full meal will be ready for the customer.

Each well-prepared meal results in tip money. At the end of each day, players can spend their cash on new items and decorate the restaurant. With so many unlockable items, the end of each workday offers a whole new experience. We can play Foodini’s mini-games for special prizes, collect stickers, and watch a parade with everyone we meet at the restaurant. Let’s make food and much more in Papa’s Sushiria!

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