Why is Ukraine the best destination for travelers in Europe

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Ukraine is often overlooked by European travelers, which is a pity as it’s a great destination to visit in Eastern Europe. However, in recent years the number of tourists who chose to discover Ukraine has increased significantly.

Many foreign travelers consider Ukraine to be difficult destination to travel to. Many of them are concerned about security issues, due to the conflict thats going on in the east part of the country. Sadly, the situation is not yet stable, but the conflict area is currently occupying remote eastern areas of the country. The conflict zone has no tendency toward expanding, which makes the rest of the territory of Ukraine (which is pretty vast) a safe destination to travel to.

Local people in Ukraine are really welcoming. International travelers used to worry about the language barrier, however the younger generation of Ukrainians speaks English now.

Comparing to other popular European travel destinations Ukraine remains relatively inexpensive country to visit. It still is considered one of the cheapest among the European countries. This includes an average price on accommodation, food and drinks, public transport and cabs, museums and galleries tickets and admission fees to the main tourist attractions. This is a pleasant thing when traveling on a budget.

Ukraine is a beautiful and vast country in Eastern Europe that boasts a supreme geographical position and authentic well-preserved culture, that is the reason our web destinations.com.ua considers Ukraine the best destination for travelers in Europe. Ukraine as a travel destination can offer numerous places to visit for curious and most spoiled travelers. There are ski resorts in the West and beautiful sandy beaches in the South, modern cities with vibrant nightlife and urban buzz as well as traditional authentic villages for eco-tourism fans.

In recent years, Ukraine is also living a busy cultural life. Various popular events put Ukraine on the international cultural map. Country’s festival calendar got exceptionally busy and offers events for different interests and tastes. Lviv Jazz Fest, which takes place every summer in Lviv, is now considered a major European Musical festival and gathers world famous musicians as well as thousands of jazz fans annually. Gastronomical and wine festivals celebrate the world-class food combining it with art, music, history and rich Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Travelers will be awed by well-preserved historical relics and unique nature landmarks scattered all over this vast country. Ukraine can truly bring the unforgettable travel experience.

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