Must Have PeaPod Mat for Kids

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

Anyone with little children understands the hard task of potty training. I always find that night time can be the trickiest time to potty train! With the wonderful PeaPod Mats, nightime can be much easier.

About Peapod Mats:

Peapod Mats is a quality waterproof absorbent mat designed to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids. The big difference? Peapod Mats lie flat on top of bed sheets with a grippy material underneath. This means that the mat stays flat without bunching with no need to tuck or wrap the mat around the mattress or mattress corners!

The Peapod Mat is a unique combination of 3 layers that creates a super-absorbent waterproof mat.

  • Top Layer – Breathable terry cotton; grid stitched to prevent bunching
  • Middle Layer – Polyester liner to absorb and disperse moisture
  • Bottom Layer – Brushed polyester to grip surfaces; coated with breathable TPU waterproofing

These wonderful mats are comfortable and soft to sleep on with no “plastic crinkle” sound or “cold vinyl” feel. Though mattress/sheet protectors made from plastic can also prevent liquids from going through to the mattress, the liquid saturates the sheets being slept on. More than likely you may have to clean up the mess using a few towels, and then have to strip and change your bed sheets. However, with any accident on the waterproof PeapodMat, the only thing you would need to toss in the wash is the PeapodMat itself.

My Thoughts:

I am definitely impressed with the amazing PeapodMat. My oldest daughters have been potty trained for a long time and my youngest is still a little young for it, but I did whip this baby out when my niece was in town for the Holidays. She is just starting out the potty training process and I was so impressed with how this mat truthfully caught all of her accident in the middle of the night. Nothing else on the bed got wet. Not to mention that she still slept great because the mat was incredibly comfortable.


If you are interested in purchasing this awesome mat for that little kiddo in your life, head on over to their website and find one the right size and color for you.

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