Interesting Facts about Argentina

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Argentina, the 2nd largest country of South America and the 8th largest country in the world is the country of the legend Lionel Messi. Despite the romantic lure of the Pampas and of huge Patagonian landscapes, Argentina is a largely urban country. The unique Argentinean culture separates the country from the rest of Latin America. Argentina has been home to multiple discoveries of gigantic dinosaurs.  Here’s a quick list to some amazing facts to explore about Argentina:

  1. Official name of Argentina

Argentine Republic is the official name of Argentina. The name Argentina comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum. The original European settlers believed the country was full of silver, but the rumor was never verified.

  1. Same sex marriage

Argentina was the first country in Latin or South America to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2010.

  1. An inspiration for Walt Disney

Walt Disney is usually associated with early animated films, but Disney is said to have been inspired by the Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani

  1. The stunning Iguazu Falls

These falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and are one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

  1. Founder of fingerprint as a method of identification

In 1925, the small Argentinean town of Necochea was rocked by the gruesome stabbing of two children. With no witnesses to the crime, local police were unable to tie the gory crime to any particular suspect. Utilizing a bloody fingerprint left on a bedpost, Detective Eduardo Alvarez was able to peg the murders on the children’s mother, who quickly confessed to the crime.

  1. Tango! What’s that?

Nothing arouses the passionate spirit of the Argentineans better than this very famous sensual and seductive dance. Tango is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Argentina.

  1. Lowest and Highest Point of Argentina

Argentina’s highest point is Mount Aconcagua in the Mendoza province (6,959 m or 22,831 ft above sea level) It is also the highest point in the Southern and Western Hemispheres and Argentina’s lowest point is Laguna del Carbón in the San Julián Great Depression, Santa Cruz province (−105 m or −344 ft) below sea level. It is also the lowest point in the Southern and Western Hemispheres.

  1. Perito Moreno: the Growing Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier is the only glacier in the world which is growing rather than shrinking. It also happens to be a major tourist pull as it is one of the most accessible on the planet.

  1. 10% of world’s flora in Argentina

Over 10% of the world’s flora is found in Argentina. Parana Pine and Evergreen Beeches are very common to the area.

  1. Borders of Argentina

Argentina is bordered by the Andes mountain range and Chile in west, by Bolivia and Paraguay in north and by Brazil and Uruguay in north east and it borders the South Atlantic Ocean in east.

  1. The Official sport

In spite of the fact that football – beyond question – is Argentina’s most loved game, a much lesser known game called Pato is the official national game in the country.

  1. Wildlife in Argentina

Argentina is super-rich in animal species. The coast of Patagonia is home to elephant seals, fur seals, penguins and sea lions. Sharks, orcas, dolphins and salmon swim in the waters off the Atlantic coast.

  1. One of the first country to have radio broadcasting

Argentina was one of the first countries to have radio broadcasting. The first broadcast was made on the 27th of August, 1920. Only twenty people had a receiver at the time!

  1. Rituals and Culture

Make sure you leave some food on your plate when you have finished eating. And put your cutlery across your place with the fork prongs facing down and the handles to the right. As for pouring wine, you need to avoid it because there are too many rituals and cultural “don’ts” about it

  1. Highest divorce rate

Argentina is said to have the highest infidelity rate in all of South America. Divorce has been legal in the country since 1987, and now the country has the highest divorce rate as well.

  1. The country has won maximum no. of noble prizes in Latin America

Argentina is the Latin American country with the most Nobel Prizes, for a total of five; all obtained during the second half of the twentieth century. The country has three Nobel prizes in science and two of peace.

  1. A great football team

Argentina with Lionel Messi is one of the most efficient national football teams in the world and has always been a top contender. Without him, it’s not even a top five team in South America.


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