Cubetto- Must have Coding Toy For Kids

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My girls absolutely love to play. I  do encourage playing without the use of screen time in our house a great deal. With this awesome coding game, Cubetto, this is easy for my girls to have a great deal of playtime without using a tv or an iPad.

About Primo Toys:

Primo Toys is the leading purveyor of hands on, screen-less, smart toys that introduce computer programming skills in early years learning. They are ready to build a new standard in early learning and coding.

They have received some great awards in 2016.

  • Gold Lion – Product Design – Cannes Festival of Creativity 2016
  • Platinum – 3 to 5 year old toys – Junior Design Awards 2016
  • Best of the Best – Concept- Red Dot Design Awards 2016
  • Winner – Product Innovation – GESS Dubai 2016

About Cubetto Playset:

Cubetto is made up of 3 separate elements. A friendly wooden robot, a tangible interface board, and 16x instruction blocks that make up a programming language you can touch. The playset comes with a charmingly illustrated 1×1 m World Map and story book that will make every play session with Cubetto a unique and memorable adventure.

Inside Every Box:

  • 1 Cubetto Robot
  • 1 Interface Board
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Story Book
  • 1 World Map
  • 16 Coding Blocks

Not Included – 6 AA Batteries. 

The Cubetto Playset is the easiest way for children to start learning computer programming, and it consists of a friendly wooden robot named Cubetto, a physical programming console, a set of expandable coding blocks, a collection of beautifullly illustrated maps and an activity book. By placing the blocks in different patterns on the control panel, children create sequences of instructions that program the robot’s movement. In the process, they develop computational thinking skills that help them understand the basic principles of coding – all of this, in a very age-appropriate way that respects a child’s natural way of learning.

The Maps and activity books help children and parents get started with play, by navigating Cubetto through stories and challenges. Planning these mini adventures helps children learn more than coding. They are now learning to tell stories, to communicate, and to think critically and independently.


About Adventure Pack:

The Adventure Pack is a set of 4x thematically illustrated world maps with corresponding activity books. Each map is a world to explore, each book is an adventure. Cubetto Playsets purchased in conjunction with an Adventure Pack outnumber Cubetto Playsets being sold individually 3 to 1.

The World Map Themes:

  • Solar System
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Big City
  • Blue Ocean

My Thoughts:

What an awesome toy. My daughters absolutely love this toy. This is the first time that they have every done anything with coding outside of their school settings, but they absolutely love it. My girls are 4 and 6 and had a great time working on it together. My oldest loved to read and help out her sister, while her little sister was the “brains” of the operation. I think that this is a great toy for kids.


If you are interested in purchasing the awesome Cubetto and Adventure Pack, head on over to their website and order one for yourself.


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