Personalizing Your Decor With Your Own Travel Photos

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Our homes are intensely personal places. We love to bring our own touch to our home, to make it look like our own instead of just a generic space where we store things and sleep.

The personalization of a home includes every element, whether we rent or own. We choose an overall design based on what we like, and then we select paints, floor coverings, and other final details that match our personal tastes.

One of the things that really finishes a home is art. After getting everything else set according to what we like, we can get the final flair with artwork. And today, even that final element can be supremely individualized. It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to include fine art prints of our own photographs.

It used to take considerable effort and money to take and develop photographs that were suitable for framing. In the days before digital photography, you had no way of knowing if you had gotten a good shot until you were already back home–and by then, you might have had no way to go back and try again.

And even after all that, you still had to find someone in your hometown who could print the final product onto some type of medium that would look nice on your wall.

Everything has changed about that now. The advent of digital photography has made the whole process easier, and you can now get beautiful photographs from your own experiences–travel in particular–to decorate your home.

Imagine all the travel options you have, and then imagine being able to come home and document your journeys on the walls of your home! What would be the most unique would be to tie in the photos with the function or design of the room.

For example, after an amazing Brazilian hang-gliding excursion, you could have a huge print made for the soaring open space of a vaulted ceiling in your living room or foyer. Or a culinary trip to Italy could be remembered through a series of photos hung throughout your kitchen.

If you love classical music and had the opportunity to take in a performance by the London Philharmonic. The photo of you and your family in your formal attire standing outside the venue is the perfect choice for a portrait atop your piano or near where your own strings are played.

Of course, you can play it in reverse as well. As you think about what to use for the walls of your sports-viewing man cave (or woman cave), why not set out to get just the right photos? Travel to different pro stadiums, college sports venues, and Olympic cities to get photos of the places where your favorite moments have taken place.

For a personal touch, join a wedding photo with some more modern shots of you returning to the site of your honeymoon or destination wedding. You could even repeat it periodically to document your marriage in year 0, then year 10, 20, and so on. You’ll not only decorate, you’ll make an amazing tradition.

Your home should reflect what you like and what’s important to you. What fits the bill better than your own photos? Hit the road, document your stops, and return with some perfect personal decor.


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