Wonderful Baby Toys from Mochi

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

My 8 month old is all about playing with any toy that she can pick up or stand with. These wonderful toys from Mochi are a perfect fit for her play time.

 About People Toy Company:

This beloved Japanese company started in 1977 and has finally arrived in the U.S. and set People Toy Company with a pedigree product line. The company’s three core offerings are Brain Builders, Mochi, and People Block series. People Toy Company proudly creates fun and educational baby products for the discerning parent. The Mochi series is the winner of the prestigious 2015 Kids Design Award.

About Mochi Maracha:

The Mochi Maracha is perfect for your teething infant. The sustainable rice-plastic guarantees that the first toy your child puts in their mouth will be as safe as it is fun.

This toy is truthfully perfect for teething infants. It also has a pinky-sized handle that fits perfectly in tiny hands. This awesome toy has a great “Light Caribbean drizzle” sound that helps sooth a fussy baby. The teething ridges sooth sore gums as well.

About Mochi Trumpet:

The Mochi Trumpet is the perfect toy to nurture your infant’s cognitive reasoning skills through play. The two-way trumpet uses your infant’s natural sucking and teething motions to create sound when they breathe in or out. Through trial and error, your infant will begin to learn and problem solve at a very young age.

This toy has a very fun whistling sound that soothes and will delight your child.

This toy is great for 3 months and up.

My Thoughts:

I have been incredibly impressed with my Mochi toys. I love that they are 100% safe to put in our little ones’ mouths. I also love that they are made to be easy for a little one to handle. I think that the Trumpet is a favorite for my older girls. It is fun to blow into the trumpet and hear the fun noises that they can easily make with their mouth. My baby loves both of the toys, and is constantly reaching for them during playtime. These toys are absolutely wonderful baby toys!


If you are interested in purchasing one of these great toys or any of the other ones offered by Mochi, head on over to their website.


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