Brouwerij West at San Pedro, Ca

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Beer Enthusiasts Stop Here!

Brouwerij West, pronounced Brewery West, is an amazing destination for visitors to Los Angeles and Long Beach in particular. They are more than just a brewery, with their tasting room, daily food trucks, pop-up restaurants, historical building, and proximity to other local attractions, they are a perfect stop. Kids and dogs (leashed of course) are welcome and the parking is free. Add the beer itself, which is excellent, and Brouwerij West is a great lunch break location or evening outing.

Visitors from further away can take advantage of the Brouwerji West special with the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Pedro, Beaches and Brews package. Then schedule a tour and tasting! The two-night travel package starts with two Brouwerij West beers when you arrive at the Hotel, transportation to a hosted tour of Brouwerij West; and a five beer tasting. Learn more about the process and how water, hops, barley, and other ingredients come together in the fine art and science of brewing.

Located in a converted U.S. Navy Port Warehouse that was built during World War II, the brewery gives the area a new life after the building sat abandoned. Visitors can come and get a look at soaring ceiling and brick walls initially intended to house ships, now home to beer barrels and brewing tanks. The tour was a real highlight of the visit for me as I knew very little about beer before.

Another aspect that deserves attention is that Brouwerij West is a green company running entirely off solar energy and 30% more efficient in their water usage than traditional breweries. This is possible with the use of a super fancy mash filter. Obviously when using terms like “super fancy” you can see I’m not an expert, so for true beer enthusiasts and home brewers here is an article from about how the process really works. I did walk away from my tour far more knowledgable about the brewing process and ready to test some beers!

Brouwerji West has a sense of humor when it comes to their products. Some of the beers carry long and occasionally silly names like “Dog Ate My Homework” and “Smart for Never”, but you can make the intelligent choice and sit down at the bar, one of the indoor picnic tables, or the outdoor beer garden and sample a few of the craft brews. It helps to have a little something in your tummy too. Food for the non-drinkers in the family is another draw to Brouwerij West. There is always a selection of Food Trucks and Pop-up Restaurants like Shady Grove Foods to try. We enjoyed fresh fried chicken and their delicious thick cut bacon while enjoying our beers on a sunny SoCal afternoon.

The shiny tanks, wooden barrels, and time honored tradition come together and the results are refreshing and in a few cases surprising!

Coffee Tripel
– My favorite, and I confess it is the first
coffee beer I have ever had. I am not a coffee addict either and this Belgian style ale still came out on top. The smell is an added treat, rich with the aroma from the whole coffee beans used in the aging process.

Friend-o – Sweet and hoppy when it first hits the tongue. A great choice to get a feel for the beer. If this one is available grab it up and one for a friend-o.

Dog Ate My Homework – Blackberries! Just like the fruit themselves this beer has a tart dry flavor and a deep color. Not overly sweet or even overly fruity, the beer is a great balance between the additional blackberry and the beer flavors. The pretty color doesn’t hurt its appeal either!

Whether you are close by or traveling from afar, make the time to check out Brouwerij West. With nearby attractions like the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary, and other stops in the Port of Los Angeles like the indoor craft fair aptly named Crafted right across from the brewery there is plenty to see besides just the beaches. Come for a drink and a meal, take a few cans or bottles back home with you!

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