Bye Bye Box Boy and Aaero #VideoGames

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Check out these two indie titles-  one for the 3DS, Bye Bye box Boy and one for the Playstation 4, Aaero. Fun, inexpensive, and good for most gamers.

box boy

This is the third Box Boy game in the line, Bye Bye Box Boy , is a game where players use the power of boxes to solve various puzzles as Qbby.  This game is an enjoyable puzzle game which is simple to get into, but difficult to put down.  My 9 year old has loved every Box Boy game and this is no different, but now with a few additions like 4 new powers, baby boxes to rescue, and new environmental issues to contend with (like water, wind, and scales) there is more to do.  He enjoys the Box Boy series- it’s tough but not too tough for him to figure out after thinking about it and trying a few things, or in some cases, with some help from Dad.  Bye By Box Boy is available now on the eShop on the Nintendo 3DS and retails for $4.99.

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Up next is a frenetic space racing game called Aaero.  In this game, you play the part of a lone ship racing along to the beat of various songs, each of which are loud thumping beats.  While racing along, you are attacked by various enemies who need some attention from your gun.  This game is fast paced and a blast to play.  Mostly, I have played it loudly and in short spurts, but can see how this game would be quite addicting.  The music is catchy, the level designs are gorgeous, and the levels are fun to play or sit back and watch someone else play.  Aaero is available now for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.  So be sure to check it out on your platform of choice, turn up the speakers and enjoy.


  1. Looks like fun 4 young and old, ty!

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