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A Dream stop for Foodies!

Food Harmonics is so good they merit a trip to Ojai, not just a stop in if you are already in town. Located in Ojai California, a fun little city overlooking the beautiful mountains of Los Padres National Forest between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Food Harmonics is an absolute must.
Don’t be fooled by the quick order appearance when you first walk in, this place is quality food made fresh and worth sitting down to savor. There is great seating in the back or on the outdoor patio where you can look out and enjoy nature.

Don’t be intimidated by the menu board either. Take your time, ask questions, and know that everything we tasted blew us away. Homemade bread, soups, unexpected drinks both hot and cold are a mix of the familiar and items that might be foreign to you.

The entire menu is organic and gluten free. There are also amazing Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Paleo options. I know, very California Foodie but don’t roll your eyes until you have their Raw Vegan Pizza on your tongue and then it will be completely pleasure induced. Yes the Raw Vegan Pizza is my top pick!

Raw Vegan Pizza – Not the first thing you think to order, but it should be! Not exactly the gooey cheesiness we usually associate with the term, but I would eat this any and every day that it is offered. The crust has a surprising crisp texture, thick and hearty. The toppings are so fresh they make you feel good from the first bite. Pesto, cashew cheese, mushrooms, fresh tomato, and pickled onion give the pizza a unique taste. It couldn’t be better proof that healthy and tasty can go hand in hand especial when added to the long list of dehydrated goodness that make up the crust! Honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten.

Smashed Avocado Toast – The highlight of this item is the bread. Avocados are always delicious and with the optional egg and pesto you have a SoCal favorite. At Food Harmonics they raise it to the next level with their homemade bread. Thick and full of grains it takes a simple snack and makes it a meal.


Salad Bowls – Complete with Bison Burger and you have one killer salad meal. Greens, tomato, avocado, beets, cabbage, sauerkraut, pickled onion topped with pesto dressing and cashew cheese will have you feeling good and full before you know it. The plate is also pretty in pink since the sauerkraut was made using red cabbage. cashew cheese was a new experience for me, but I have since looked up recipes to start using it at home.

Hot Turmeric Matcha Latte – It took me a minute I confess. The drink has an interesting greenish color that takes a moment. The taste also has a distinct flavor that the more I drank the more I wanted. We were informed that patrons come in just to get their fix of the drink which is healthier than coffee and has the benefits of turmeric which is good for inflammation, healthier skin, and is a super strong antioxidant. There are a lot of interesting options, but add this one to your “To Try” list.

Water Kefir – Fermented in house this probiotic drink is a bit intense. Think kombucha but without the caffeine since this is water based. This is a great source of healthy bacteria and yeast.

Food Harmonics is a must for every eater, the fact that it is Organic and so healthy becomes secondary to the taste and quality of their meals. Spend the day, enjoy Ojai, then finish off your day on a harmonious note here.

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  1. Jenna Hudson says

    The salad bowls sound divine! Love that there is options for vegan and Vegetarians!

  2. Keeping a list of all of your delicious suggestions, thanks!

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