Ford CMax Hybrid- Save on Gas, Save Money #DriveOnEnergi #ILoveEVS

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The new Ford C Max makes you a master of the road.  With tight steering and many safety features like the SOS post crash alert system and seven standard airbags, its easy to take for granted that the CMax is a hybrid. As cars go, you are actually doing a good thing by driving it every day- better then driving a regular car, anyway.  The CMax is one of the 10 most fuel efficient cars under $25,000 in 2016. (There are rain sensing wipers available as well, one of the many upgrades available. Fun things to think about.)

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The SmartGauge with EcoGuide helps drive and use your vehicle as fuel efficiently as possible.  To begin with, the car sips fuel.  The CMax also sports regenerative braking and brake coach.  This not only helps it to stop when you want it to, but also to do so in the most efficient way possible.  It saves fuel by conserving momentum while also charging up the batteries a bit as well.

There are a lot of settings and readings which you might not be used to having in other vehicles, but once you learn how to read them all and understand what they are saying to you, you will learn quite a bit about your vehicle and driving style.  To this point, you will actually drive differently to try to beat your previous score if you are the competitive type.  It sounds very game-like but its actually fun in an odd way.  This is also a good way to pass time while doing a long haul road trip.  What we like best about the CMax is that its a nice car with a smooth ride, and its fuel efficiency is difficult to beat. I also like that it is better for the environment- and yes, it drives like a “regular car”, and is still “built Ford tough”, LOL.

It’s super easy to charge as well, and there are apps you can use to keep track of where charging stations are along your route and in your area.

The Ford CMax is available now at a dealer near you, so be sure to check one out today.  Your wallet (and the environment) will thank you.

(And it does just as well as the “luxury” vehicles and SUVs when it comes to wintry roads and unpaved situations- no problems at all.)  You can follow along on twitter with our handle @HaveSippy using the hashtags #DriveOnEnergi #ILoveEVS to see what else we are up to. Travel on.

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