Packing Your Suitcase For The Sunshine State?

Heading to Orlando, Florida this summer? No doubt you and the kids are eager to check out the new Avatar Land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Or perhaps, you want to test out the water rides at the incredible Volcano Bay where queues haven’t been invented yet. You can read more about what I’m talking about on Either way, you need to make sure that you do have everything in your bag for the trip. So, what will you need when you take an adventure to the sunshine state this year?

A Poncho

If you’re heading over around June-August, and most people do because that’s when schools are out, you’ll definitely need to get yourself a poncho. This lightweight rain coat will definitely come in handy when the heavens open up. Disney do sell them in the park, as do the other major theme parks. But you should still take one yourself because you can get them at low prices online. You need one for each member of the family. You might be thinking, with the high temperatures, what’s the point? You’ll dry out soon enough. Well, the rain storms can last at least an hour, so it’s up to you whether you want to spend the day soaked.

Silly, Floppy Hats

Yes, you should also think about getting each family member a rather uncool, floppy hat. Particularly, if you’re from a region where the sun is kind of a legend. You know it’s there, but there’s only one person in your village that has actually seen it. Floppy hats will keep the face and neck safe from the sun’s powerful rays. Of course, you should also take some volume 50 suntan lotion. The stronger, the better. Don’t forget, with sites like, you can get 70 percent off everything that you need for summer. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about these purchases eating into your holiday budget.

Theme Park Tickets

If you’re planning on hitting all the theme parks, it’s best to pick up tickets before you go to. You can get great deals, particularly, if you’re staying at one of the hotels offered by the theme park. They’ll give you fantastic discounts so you can get 14 days in each theme park. Now, you’re probably not going to stay in Florida for over a month. But with flexi tickets like this, your travel plans are, well, flexible. Oh, and if you are going in the middle of summer, do make sure you check out the Fastpass options. Otherwise, you’ll spend the entire day queuing and you don’t want that.

Water Fan

Remember that hot weather? Well, you’ll find life is a lot easier if you have a water fan. This helpful device sprays water into your face which is a lot more refreshing and a lot less annoying than it sounds. Particularly if you get stuck queuing outside for a must do ride. Yes, it does happen. Just ask the people who queued for five hours to get on the Frozen ride for two minutes when it first opened!

I hope this helps you pack your suitcase for Florida and I’m you will have a wonderful time there with the whole family.

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