Romantic South India

South India offers many romantic destinations for travelers. Although traveling to Agra in the north of India is a must for those who want to see the Taj Mahal, many lovers prefer the delightful southern vistas of Kerala, Goa, Lakshadweep Islands, Kodagu, and Ooty.

Planning a first trip to South India can be overwhelming because there’s so much to see and do. India tours can help you explore South India on a schedule without sacrificing access to must-see destinations.

India’s Spice Coast

Kerala is known for its leisurely vibe. There are miles of dramatic cliffs and beaches traversing the Arabian Sea coast. Explore the island network by boat, hire an elephant to trek by day, or watch theyyam processions that take place here.

The history of Kerala is entwined with its commercial past in the spice trade. Known as India’s “Spice Coast,” travelers and traders from Greece, Rome, China, and Europe came to Kerala to buy precious spices. Cinnamon, turmeric (the gold spice), cassia, peppers, cardamom, ginger, and other spices prized by cooks everywhere were introduced to the world in Kerala.

Today, the crossroads of culture from centuries past are observed in Kerala’s literature, architecture, and cuisine.

Tropical Paradise

Goa is one of South India’s most popular destinations. It’s called India’s “Tropical Paradise” because white sands, palm trees, and clear blue waters are the ideal backdrop for romance. Goa’s atmosphere is relaxed. Delicious floral scents infuse the air.

Some of the most popular sites include Corjeum Fort, a small inland fort surrounded by Goan greenery. Cabo da Rama, derived from the “Ramayana” of Hindu, predates Portuguese rule in the area. It’s one of the oldest structures in Goa. Don’t forget to visit the Usgalimal rock carvings. A team of archaeologists believes the carvings date to the Mesolithic Period—they’re older than Egypt’s pyramids. Since the carvings are submerged in monsoon season, casts are preserved in Goa’s museum.

Lakshadweep Islands

Derived from the Sanskrit word for “100,000,” the Lakshadweep Islands number just 36. Ten of the islands are inhabited. Just 5,000 people live in Kadmat year-round.
Go here to relax. You can literally get away from it all on your romantic getaway journey. There are no tourist traps or souvenir stands here.

Kadmat is the center island in the Lakshadweep Islands archipelago located off of Kerala’s coast. Numbers of visitors at any given time are low. Kadmat is in fact the only island in the chain that’s open to non-Indian travelers. The maximum capacity at the resort is only 50 guests.

It’s not easy to get to Kadmat, but it’s well worth the effort. An overnight ferry from Cochin, the main city of Kerala, or a flight from Agatti Island in Cochin are the only two options to reach Kadmat.

Make sure to snorkel or see the ocean in a glass-bottom boat. Delicious coconut curries and fresh fish dishes are uniquely Lakshadweepi. Because Katmat is a Muslim island, visitors can’t drink alcohol here. Nightlight is limited as well.

Dive to see local box fish, reef sharks, green turtles, lionfish, eagle rays, and others. Snorkel in the shallow lagoon to inspect thousands of coral reefs.

Kodagu – Coorg

Kodagu, also known as Coorg, is found at Kamataka’s southernmost edge. It’s known for thousands of hectares of plantation lands on which coffee and spices are produced. More than 1000 clans of the Kodava people live here. The cool climate and uneven terrain make Kodagu the perfect plane to birdwatch or take photographs. Climb Tadiyendamol or Pushpagiri to view the area from above or visit local coffee and spice plantations.


Ooty looks down from the top of the Nilgiri hills. Brilliant emerald rainforests and waterfalls make Ooty a lover’s paradise. Stroll to Ooty Lake, the Rose Garden, or the Botanical Gardens to enjoy the local flora. Climb the peaks of Kodanadu or Dodabetta to view the amazing landscapes below. If you’re adventurous, enjoy hang gliding and extreme sports offered in the area.

Before You Travel

If you’re planning to visit South India, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reminds you to get updates for hepatitis A, tetanus, typhoid, and polio vaccinations. In addition, ask your doctor about vaccinations for encephalitis, cholera, hepatitis B, diphtheria, and rabies. Avoid mosquito bites in South India because malaria is spread by these insects.

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