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Travel Light With These Easy To Pack Products

Headed out for a weekend, or perhaps longer? With all the restrictions on how much you are allowed to pack (or even how much space you might have in your own car or luggage), it’s best to pack light, and with versatile pieces.  These are a few of our current favorites.

Icebug, one of my personal favorites in shoes and boots that can hold up and take quite the beating, has recently put out a new style of sneaker. While it would be more convenient and easy if it had a name with letters that formed, perhaps, a word or two, these are found by their call number, which is DTS3 RB9X GTX. I know.

However, they are super cool shoes, and wildly comfortable. I love the color and the style- it’s nice to wear shoes that are nice looking, lets be honest. But even better, they are soft, supportive, and really hold up. They deal with mud, slush, and rain with no problems at all, and your feet stay dry. The Icebugs have done me equally well hiking, running, going to the gym, and running random errands around town. Something else I love? They have this cool “Boa lacing system” that lets you slip your feet in, then just twist the knob (best way to describe it) on the front tongue until you like the way it fits. Pull it straight back to release- this makes on and off at the airport (or wherever) fast and easy.

These are waterproof (don’t go scuba diving in them, but in all sorts of weather your feet stay dry) and have soft padding in the collar and tongue, as well as ergonomic soles. These tend to run small, order up as suggested by the website. You can order at for about $180.

For workout to headed out, check out Nuu-Muu. They make this item they call the original “exercise-and-everything-else” dress. Not only is it good to wear from the gym to the PTA meeting (or wherever life is taking you today), but the colors are both vibrant and beautiful, and there are quite a few options available.

Designed to flatter women’s bodies and made from fabric that feels as good as it looks, the classic Nuu-Muu is a go-to for exercise, travel and life. Nuu-Muu does what you do, beautifully. Designed to cover most sports bras completely and with nothing built in for maximum versatility. Sewn in the U.S.A. (every dress, every time).  Wear it alone or with leggings or shorts for more coverage (or for class), and that also makes it even easier to transition. It looks great either way.  In sizes “0” to 3LX and in child sizes as well, prices vary depending on item. You can pick yours out at

Bermuda Sands is a brand that is new to me, and has options for both men and women, and have just about anything you could want to pick up for that quick summer getaway. Specializing in active and leisure sports wear (and would be equally at home at backyard or office party barbecues), the clothing is both super soft and lightweight. This is not just extra comfy, but also easy to pack and resistant to wrinkles. From men’s polos to women’s tanks and skirts, you can make outfits of your choosing, or pick up a few new items to liven up your summer wardrobe. Look good, feel great, and again- super easy to travel in and pack.  Visit for options. Prices vary by item.

Looking for something to pack it all up in? I’m really liking the ease of the Expanse Wheeled Tote from Eagle Creek. Perfect for a short jaunt or weekend trip, or to use as your carry on, it’s easy to wheel around (as the name suggests) and is easy to organize. It has quite a few pockets for storage as well as to make it easy to find what you are looking for quickly- a function we all will like.

Need something bigger, but still need something sturdy that can take a tumble? The Expanse  Converitble 29 (same company) gives you more room, and gives you the option to use it as a wheeled bag OR as a travel backpack. I like options and when you can use things in multiple ways- more bang for your buck, more uses, just more.  You get all the ease of access of a duffel bag, the roominess and wheeled maneuverability of a large suitcase, as well easy (internal) organization pockets and the option to use as a backpack.

For these and more bag/suitcase options, head to Prices vary.

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