5 Best Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

To all the knife enthusiasts out there, there is no need to even reinforce the fact that a damascus knife happens to have a reputation that is a good 2 millennia old as well as the basic fact that back in the day, it was indeed revered and regarded by most people as absolutely legendary in every sense of the word. There’s really no two ways about that. Now with modern technology being used to create the blade, the process is rather elongated involving the forging of all the multiple steel layers just so that to ensure that an exceptionally strong and hardy blade emerges. Truly an iron-willed determination to make sure that the blade is just as strong as it was back in the days of yore.

Now all of that is very well, but how about the fact that one would need to find out about some of the best Damascus steel pocket knives out there that happened to be as handy and useful as their overall sleek appearance? Well, not to worry as we have got all of that sorted out just for you. On that very note, here are 5 of the very best damascus steel pocket knives out there that you must get your hands on if you happen to call yourself a knife specialist of any sort :-

  • Beautiful Stag Horn 6.5” Handmade Steel Folding Pocket Knife: Being one of the best knives of handmade craftsmanship with the blade and the handle being 3 inches and 3.5 inches respectively and the handle having classy stag horn blade patterns, you can be positive of the fact that this is a knife of real class.

    Plus the leather sheathe happens to exude a unique elegance which is simply not found in most of the knives out there today. The only slight disadvantage is that the knife may not be sharp as promised.

  • Camel Bone 6.5” Folding Pocket Knife: Believe it or not, this blade is literally hand-forged with 276 layers as well as a nickel layer blade with Apart from the fact that the handle is made of pure leather, you can be sure of the fact that it is great for personal use and the handling is good as well.

  • Buffalo Horn Folding Pocket Knife: Surprisingly even available with a black rock to boot, this also can be used for personal use. Apart from having an attractive design and being curvy, you can be sure that the knife does live up to all the hype.

  • Beautiful Multi Wood Damascus Pocket Knife: In the case of this particular knife, it has extremely beautiful and attractive wood patterns on the handle apart from the wood being strong as well. The craftsmanship aspect is extremely high in this one, that’s for sure.

  • Beautiful Green Wood Folding Pocket Knife: One of the few knives out there that happens to have a green colored handle as well as being available for quite a reasonable price as compared to some of the other knives out there, especially with regard to its overall size in general. AS far as beauty and effectiveness is concerned, this one does score particularly high.

Apart from being some of the best knives in the market, you can be sure of the fact that additionally, one can even get them customized according to your own preference as far as additional craftsmanship is concerned as well as the color of your choice as well. Now that is truly something to be immensely proud of.

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