Samurai Burrito Food Review

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A new sushi adventure!

Exciting things are happening with familiar ingredients again in the world of sushi and Samurai Burrito is leading the charge from their food truck based out of Orange County California. First there was sushi, then the sushi roll, after came deconstructed sushi bowls, and now inspired by the form and concept of our neighbors to the south we have sushi nachos and burritos! You won’t find any flour or corn tortillas, but why not embrace the “easy to eat on the run” burrito wrap?

Food Trucks like Samurai Burrito offer high quality food in unexpected locations. Sometimes it is hard to chose what to try, in which case I usually pick the most unusual and new. I have come across sushi burritos before, but the Samurai Super Nachos… they were a discovery.

The wonton chips are reminiscent of those found on the table at a Chinese restaurant. They make an excellent base for the overflowing flavors in this dish. King salmon, spicy tuna, eel, masago, and three house sauces are complimented by fresh cut onion to give the Samurai Super Nachos a real kick. Absolutely an item for sharing as it is very rich and the portions are generous.

There are a lot of options for burritos, tacos, bowls, or salads or you can mix and match your favorite ingredients for a personalized experience. Even the selection of wraps for burritos is extensive with traditional options like seaweed and soy paper, or more exotic ones like togarashi and shiso. Some of the items are imported all the way from Japan.

This truck is a refreshing option on a hot summer day so I definitely recommend keeping your eyes open for it. You can also track them down online for their scheduled appearances.

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    Will have to keep an eye out for this food truck. Thanks for the recommendation!

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